January 28, 2022

Tips on Storage Box free from Moisture

Putting storage box on the floor  is usually susceptible to moisture. This often makes fungi and termites eating up the goods in your warehouse. Actually, there are some interesting inspiration that you can apply.


First, choose a more durable storage box. Cardboard material usually be easily weathered over time, not to mention if the air in the space, including moisture. In addition to more fragile items inside boxes were easy to grow mushrooms. rattan or water hyacinth material  you can make for the choice. Processed natural materials is actually more durable. Only, you must provide the necessary coatings, ranging from anti-termite to anti-air.
Second, use the shelves to put these storage boxes. Make sure the length shelves in accordance with the weight of the box to be supported. Do not get mounted shelves too long because it will make concave on shape when put the box on it. This is intended to avoid the possibility of broken shelves in the middle because it would not hold the weight enough.

However, do not forget to leave a gap between the wall and storage box to avoid moisture. In addition, you need to add the light to keep the temperature barn warm

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