January 28, 2022
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5 Simplest way to design your home garden

Too many expectation without good preparation can make you hesitant to make decisions in designing the garden. In fact, there are four basic steps that you really need to design on your dream home garden.

1. Know it deeper

home park

the main reason for making a garden, you must first enjoys the presence of green spaces in your home. Because with it, the dreams you have the garden really going to happen.

2. The concept of the garden and the budget

home garden

It is Not difficult to raise your enjoyment to the garden. Currently, various gardening reference richer and easier to find, either in magazines, exhibitions, and internet.

After that, then you only choose the concept of the park of your dreams according to trends or your old plan, it be a minimalist garden, tropical garden, or dry garden in a tiny corner of the room. Do not forget, the concept of your choice depend of your budget.

3. Type of plant

garden design

The concept of the park is available, now it’s your turn to choose the type of plants that will fill your garden. There are three categories to consider before selecting plants, especially if associated with maintenance and water needs.

The first type is a plant that is resistant to sun exposure, such as type of bananas and grass. While the second category is a plant that requires 20% – 30% of the sunlight, the flowers of various plants.

The third category is indoor plant or plants in the room. This type of plant requires only sunlight,because if too much will inhibit plant growth itself, the leaves are smaller and the color has changed, such as Dracena, Sansievera, and Chrysanthemum.

4. Land preparation

Now, the next step is to prepare the land. This stage is very important to be looked at closely. Without proper preparation and mature, your plants will not last long and the shape of the park of your dreams will not be as expected.

first step, you need to loosen the soil with a simple tool like a hoe and manual. That way, the soil pores will appear very useful and facilitate the roots of plants looking for food in the ground.

Once loose, you need to give the soil nutrients with a sprinkling of manure. Then, then you are planting a garden with plants of your choice. Only, at the time of planting, you are advised not to remove from plastic packaging plant roots. If the plastic is broken as a medium plant, plants can wilt surely.

5. Anticipation of insects

Do not underestimate this. Because termites not only damage the wood furniture in the house, but also damage the soil and attack plants. It’s good, give an organic pesticide on the soil around the plant. With pesticides, termites or insects such as ants do not like the smell of pesticides.

It seems, all the steps have been followed. However, you can not get your work ┬áresult quickly. Ideally, even the best park results will be visible after three months of planting. This is because the plants need time to “adapt” to the environment of your home.

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