January 28, 2022

9 Full Privacy Fence Ideas for Modern Backyard

Not limited to the front area of the house, putting on a fence, is also crucial to cover the space in the back of your house. Installing a fence for the backyard will somehow emphasize the area of ​​your land and protect the privacy of your life. 

The function of the fence in the backyard needs to work coherently with protecting your house and provide the vibing of the backyard area. Thus, it is important to put on effort in deciding on the privacy fence ideas for the backyard

Nowadays the element of a fence in the construction of a house cannot be separated from the house. Erecting a fence especially in the backyard is a mandatory requirement to protect your house from others – especially those with bad intentions – to access the house. 

privacy fence backyard

This is certainly done to prevent the things that are not desirable so as not to happen unexpectedly. For this reason, the construction of a fence cannot be done arbitrarily. Careful consideration is needed to create good security without compromising comfort for all residents in the house. 

Inevitably, the main focus is always on the construction of the fence in front of the house. But it is also necessary for you to pay attention to the privacy fence ideas for the backyard. TBH, there are lots of people who still ignore the backyard fence. Most of these people assume that the backyard does not need to be given any sort of protection whatsoever. 

What these people don’t realize is that most of our activities are happening in the backyard, thus privacy is the most important part of building the fence on those areas. 

Well, to help you find the proper privacy fence ideas for the backyard of your house, we are going to share a lot of ideas of a sturdy yet an artsy option for the backyard fence.

Tips on Building Fence for the Backyard

There are lots of things to consider before putting on a fence in your backyard. Just like the fence in front, the rear one is also gonna need careful preparation. But two things are very important in building the barrier to cover your backyard.

Mind the Height

To maintain your security and privacy at the highest level, the important thing to note is the height of your fence. The higher the fence of the house, the safer you will be. 

Choose Suitable Material

To build a sturdy fence, quality materials will be needed. But still, depending on the overall vibe of your house, combining material is also a logical choice. 

After minding the two variables mentioned above, now, it’s time to get to the real deal. Here are some modern privacy fence ideas for the backyard that you can get inspired to.

Full Privacy with Steel Fences

If you want full privacy, the key is the vertical plane. Choose fences with little or no gaps between vertical planes. You can also combine fencing material with lush foliage.

Semi-Transparent Fence As A Barrier

If you need a fence that can block strong winds but don’t want to lose the light or a good view, the best choice is a semi-transparent or transparent fence. If the obstruction of the view is not a problem, privacy barrier walls with little or no gaps between vertical planes will be the right selection.

High Fence For Safety

The most important characteristics to have a secured fence are a higher fence, free of gaps and holes, and a sturdy gate that can be locked. Each fence must have a height of at least 3 meters, although you can add a few meters of a trellis or sharpened iron bars above the fence. 

Minimal House Silt Fence to Block Out Views

If your house is on a street with heavy traffic, creating a quiet, shady backyard starts with the precise privacy fence ideas for the backyard. If you want to keep the light in, choose a fence with a small gap between the vertical plane or like a lattice and add a tub of fertile plants to provide additional privacy.

Fence with decorative elements

Not only does it provide privacy and safety advantages, but the fence of the house can also function as a decorative element that gives an aesthetic appearance and focal point of a dwelling. You are free to explore styles, shapes, and models to assemble a special fence design.

Fence with Alternative Panels

These panels can be made of wood, glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, steel plates, iron plates, concrete panels, cement boards, and bamboo. Not infrequently, this kind of fence is used as an architectural accent. For this particular form of the backyard fence, install panels with or without gaps so you can plan your privacy restrictions. Create a design scheme that reflects the color, texture, and style of your chosen panel.

Rock Natural Fence

Gabion fence gives a modern feel but still accentuates natural elements. Walls in gabion baskets are usually filled with river stones or other materials such as chunks of glass and stone. Pair with a wooden frame to form a frame for an elegant privacy fence ideas for the backyard.

Recycled Material Fence

Good fence design can be made of various materials that are around you. Use the remaining pieces of waste wood combined with fence panels from other materials that are more durable. You will get an organic and fantastic look!

Decorative Bamboo Fence

This particular style of the backyard fence is quite easy to obtain and is organic, dramatic, and practical. The bamboo will look beautiful for any landscape design and style. Bamboo stems are aligned in such a way that they form a parapet offering privacy as well as decorative elements.

Last but not least, before making a fence for the backyard, you should always consider the principles and objectives to determine exactly what function of the fence that you want. Plus, never underestimate the style of your house and topography of your land to determine the best privacy fence ideas for the backyard.

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