October 19, 2022

Stay Relax In Minimalist Bathroom

Size doesn’t matter to create a relaxed atmosphere in the minimalist room. There is No secret that the bathroom is one room that often you use to unwind and tired.
Spray water and soap scent can help you feel relaxed after a long day of activity. However, what happens when you only have limited space for this bathroom?
Do not worry! Having a bathroom in a limited area in the home does not mean hamper your creativity in beautifying and decorating your place is cleaned up. In addition to continuously keep it clean, to still get the relaxed atmosphere of this room, consider the following tips:

Bathroom theme can be determined by determining what color you choose to match your bathroom. For a small bathroom, not recommended to use paint with dark colors. Light colors will make this room seem spacious.

In addition, a clear theme will help you find the need accessories for the room. Because the size of the minimalist room, the bathroom is difficult to accommodate the variety of goods. Simply specify the ornaments that the focus, for example, the selection of the toilet and the washing stand that has a particular ornament, or a mirror with a beautiful light.
Large mirrors without frames can also be placed on the walls to give the room a more spacious effect.

Storage Room

Storage or storage room is a place that is not filled with dirty and towels clothes in the bathroom . For that, prepare a place to store all of it.


The bathroom needs a tidy will make the bathroom look more beautiful. Buy a pretty container appropriate with theme bathroom. Beautiful containers  it also serves to decorate the bathroom.


Another way to beautify the bathroom is with a proper lighting system. Choose lights that are not too bright, but not dim. Seem natural lighting will create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom.

The use of aromatherapy can be used when a bathroom well organized and have appropriate lighting. It is no wrong with you adding fresh fragrance in the bathroom. In addition to provide a calming effect, fragrance also can enhance your bathroom.

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