February 22, 2024

Inexpensive Minimalist Home Garden Design

Having a garden is a refreshing element, especially for those who live in urban areas. However, planning a suitable inexpensive garden design does not merely mean adding vegetation or plants. The process required arrangement and selection of vegetation that fits the design. Still stuck on ideas which garden design suits your home the best? Here are some inspirations for you. 

minimalist home garden design

Stone Garden

The first entry on the inexpensive garden design list is the stone garden design. This is a type of garden that is dry and relatively easy in terms of maintenance. Since it is dry, this one particular garden design is often the most appropriate choice to be used as an indoor garden. 

Japanese Zen Garden is one example of an inexpensive garden design that uses stone as one of its main elements. However, now the stone garden can be presented more broadly and modern, not as traditional as the Zen garden anymore.

In arranging a stone garden, the composition, size, type, and new colors become very important because the stone becomes the dominant element. Adding other natural elements such as dead logs can also add artistic and aesthetic value to your garden design.

Plants are presented as an oasis in the middle of the stone composition that you have arranged. Cactus, Cambodia, Japanese Bamboo, and similar plants are usually the right choice to complete the stone garden design.

Although the arrangement is relatively difficult, the maintenance of this garden design is very easy because there is not too much vegetation that needs to be cared for. This garden design is suitable for modern and minimalist style residences. Thus, it will be easy to mix and match your garden with modern or minimalist furniture.

Recycled Garden Design

As environmental issues become popular, not only is the role of parks important to create more eco-friendly residences but now people are also becoming interested in using the concept of recycled garden design. By utilizing various furniture and used items, they tried to create a garden that is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. And, who would have thought this concept was interesting enough to be implemented.

You can create a variety of things to create the design of a recycled garden, from car tires as pots, pipe as a vertical planting medium, to wooden planks panels as a media for vines. You can also combine the design of this inexpensive garden design with a variety of industrial furniture that fits perfectly with the concept.

Besides being cheap, it is also possible to design a recycled garden by yourself but first, you need to have the ability and ready to put in maximal effort so that the results will be more comely.

Vertical Garden Design

The vertical garden design has become more popular as the problem of the increasingly limited land is getting higher and higher. Designed to grow upward (vertical), the vertical garden design usually uses a trellis or other support system (growing media) that was made specifically to allow the wall to be a growing medium.

The simplest way to create this ingenious and inexpensive garden design is to use vines with vertical media in the form of a trellis. However, with the development of technology, you can also plant flowers, even vegetables and various plants that are generally planted horizontally on the vertical media. You can also add a sofa at the bottom of the vertical garden to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Besides being relatively affordable, this garden design is very effective to maximize every space in your home. The right choice for modern housing with limited living space.

Minimalist Garden Design in the Balcony Area

Minimalist garden design in the narrow area can also be a solution for those of you who are confused about where and how to add a garden in your home. The balcony area can also be utilized to apply a minimalist garden design in a narrow area.

Usually, the land for this inexpensive garden design is a semi-outdoor area. Therefore you should place plants that are not too big and tall. Ornamental plants in pots are the most suitable to be placed here.

Minimalist garden design in a narrow area can be achieved by combining the act of laying pots on the balcony floor, adding balcony railing, sticking the plant to the wall, or hanging the plant at the end of the roof. 

Garden Design in a Narrow Land with a Pool

The presence of water in the garden will certainly add a cool impact to the house. Well, who would have thought the water element in the form of a pool could be presented in inexpensive garden design?

You can make a simple koi pond in a minimalist garden, and add small plants in pots or shrubs with various color combinations. In the case that you have a lil more extra budget, you can add a mini fountain model too.

Dry Garden Design with Coral Stones

For those of you who are super busy and rarely have time to take care of your garden area, minimalist garden design with stones can be your option. Instead of using grass, you can fill the area under the park with coral.

Currently, many minimalist concept homes apply a minimalist and inexpensive garden design because it is very easy to maintain. Even so, you can still add minimalist patio chairs to relax in the afternoon.

Medicinal and Food Plant Garden Design

At the beginning of the times, most gardens in the housing area were used as a medium for planting various types of medicinal plants and food that could be consumed. Going classic is also one of the options that are quite interesting.

In addition to providing more benefits that can be used and consumed, the design of this particular inexpensive garden design as a pharmacy garden and life stalls can also be arranged decoratively with a small fence to add gnomes and pest control people.

To actualize a garden design like this, you need a fairly large land and of course, enough sunlight. Even though it is inexpensive, the manner of plants for consumption requires more time and attention. Make sure you love gardening before having this type of garden.

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