December 19, 2022
working table

Looks Stylish with Simple Idea

For you fans of rustic-style decor, eclectic, or even a “shabby chic”, will probably love this unique decorating ideas. The idea is simple, relatively inexpensive, yet stylish. It was able to give the impression of “sweet”, industrial, or full color to your workspace.

The idea is to make a work table or a dining table with two bar stools utilize as a buffer and a plank of wood as a table surface. This idea is inspired from the table “sawhorse Trestle” production RH Baby & Child.
working table
You need to set up two “bar stools” or a high chair, a wooden board, drill, screws, and wood glue. Before taping the second seat with a wooden board, first determine what the desired color on your table. If you do not want the natural color of the chair and the board, then you will also need paint.

First of all, a large measure of board you need. Line up the second “bar stools” as far as you need, then measure the length and width of the board. If the cross-sectional chair is large enough, you can make the width equal to the width of the base board seats.

After making sure the size and cut the boards to the right size, you can now begin to color and the board chair. Both of these elements do not need to have the same color. You can color with white seat and let the board has a natural wood color, or vice versa.

Let the paint dry first. After that, you should glue the boards in the second seat. Use wood glue, screws, and a drill to make sure they do not move. To “assist” the unique table, choose a chair that also has a special character

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