October 19, 2022

Need a Bathroom Shower Remodel? Check Out This 6 Important Tips

The bathroom is one of the most important elements in the house. The bathroom is occupied several times for hygiene and health of the body. Due to the frequency of the visit, it is reasonable that the quality of the bathroom decreases from year to year until it reaches the period where it needs renovation. This is where the process of bathroom shower remodel is crucial since the cost of renovating the bathroom itself is very varied, depending on how you want to alter it.

Bathroom remodel idea

Things to Look For While Doing Bathroom Shower Remodel

It doesn’t need to be large, even if it’s small, the bathroom can be made comfortable as long as you pay attention to the following things:

1. Ceramic Walls

Some advantages and disadvantages are obtained when you choose to install ceramics on the walls of your bathroom. The advantage is that in addition to having walls not moldy and easier to clean, ceramic walls can offer a luxurious design. But the drawback is that any time you are bored with the color, the ceramic walls can not be repainted, so you have to replace the tile as a whole. To get the right balance, you can choose to install a ceramic wall on one part of the wall while leaving other areas coated with other materials.

2. Ceramic Floor

Mistakes in the selection of ceramics for the bathroom floor often make the bathroom slippery and hazardous for small children and elderly. Therefore, the type of bathroom ceramic material must be a major concern while doing bathroom shower remodel. As much as possible choose the type of ceramic that is not slippery. For the safest bet, you can choose porcelain or rock type ceramic.

3. Sink

Various activities such as brushing teeth, washing face, or just washing your hands will be easier with the presence of a washstand in the bathroom. Adding a mirror in front of the sink will also help you clean your body properly.

4. The toilet

As for the toilet, you can choose between a seat toilet or squat toilet, depending on your comfort and budget. But for a more elegant and charming design, you should choose a seat toilet for your bathroom.

5. Shower and glass screen

So that you can wash your body more cleanly and use water more sparingly, you can spend a lil bit more on the bathroom shower remodel. Besides, so that water splashes do not wet the entire floor, you should install a glass divider around the shower.

6. Towel hanger, tissue, and soap dish

Although these elements only act a complement, you still need to include these props in the list of your bathroom renovation costs. Because without a towel hanger, and soap dish, the bathroom will look messy.

Adopting Simple Design on Bathroom Shower Remodeling Process

Never underestimate the importance of beautiful bathrooms for cleaning and looking for inspiration. The bathroom shower remodel doesn’t need to be fancy, even a simple bathroom can be a favorite space for everyone in the family. If you are one of those who care about bathroom design, we have some inspirations for a simple bathroom design that is suitable for you.

Adopting the concept of a simple in bathroom shower remodel process is certainly not easy as it is accompanied by low budget planning as well. Therefore, a smart move in choosing the best design is crucial. Here are some of them:

Bathtub in the bathroom is simple, why not?

The white color is perfect for maximizing the potential of a simple bathroom and making it look spacious. Choose a bathtub that is strong with good quality which also includes a plain shower curtain to prevent your bathroom shower from becoming too slippery.

Complete your bathroom shower remodeling progress with stylish bathroom design by adding a simple stool to put your towel or clothes.

Slick Corner Toilet and Extra Storage

Simple bathrooms also need extra cabinets without having to look cluttered or full. Start the process by utilizing the empty space in the toilet seat combined with shades of white and brown baskets. You only need to find a combination of natural storage that can beautify your simple bathroom. Don’t forget to add luxurious and quality bathroom accessories to juggle the bathroom corners to become even brighter.

Unique Decoration For A Beautiful Simple Bathroom

The right bathroom shower remodels decor can instantly add an elegant element that pleases your bathroom activities. Add a special nuance that is different from the others with carpet. Choose a carpet that has a quality that is resistant to use and easy to clean by hand washing and drying.

Then, complete the design with a selection of interesting paintings and wall decor products. Choose the product according to your taste, but keep it minimalist. The decoration that is too wild will not even reflect the impression of a simple bathroom. For the impression of a homely nuance, take a simple wall decoration, like a cactus picture.

Completing a slick, simple bathroom, add a basket for dirty clothes. Finally, a large pot will definitely add to the liveliness of a living and clean bathroom.

Blends Perfectly with the Makeup Room

Without a lot of room dividers and mingling with the dressing table, this simple bathroom shower remodel looks lively and pleasant. Bathrooms without insulation will certainly add a broad impression, so when you add a dressing table, your bathroom will look more extensive.

Be careful in choosing colors tho. Choose just one or two matching colors and don’t mix a variety of colors in one space, which will actually eliminate the simplistic impression of your bathroom.

You may choose to use a bath or showerhead, and don’t forget to place the carpet on the floor to avoid slipping. If you like details, additional ornamental plants will be a very suitable prop to be placed next to the bathtub or near the window.

Doing a bathroom shower remodel requires a thought process that is reasoned and thorough. A bathroom doesn’t need to be spacious, a complete and homey one will be just right for everyday use!

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