January 28, 2022
Home Floor Plans

Making 3 Dimensional Home Floor Plans

Not true if someone said that to make 3-dimensional home floor plans that is hard. PC plus will prove it in this article.

Sweet Home made ETeks software can be used for this purpose. This free program allows us to learn to create simple floor plan of houses and describe it in real time in the 3-dimensional shape. Please download the program from the previous sourceforge.org.

Home Floor Plans

1. The first step let’s change the default white background is a picture story. Do I go to menu and select Modify 3Dview 3D View. In the dialog box that appears, click on the picture box on the Ground Texture. Then select the image you want. Click OK on the second dialog box to apply this.
2. Now we need to make a section of the wall that allows us to put other elements in it. Click Plan> Create Walls. With the new cursor form a wall at the Home Plan. The trick is simply by clicking to form a square and a 3-dimensional image at the bottom.

3. If you feel less fit the width of the wall, simply click on one of the long section of the wall with the Pick tool (the arrow cursor icon image), and slide. Note the change in the bottom. You can to click and hold the mouse button and move a moving order to see the three-dimensional shape of this wall.

4. Now we form a 2 bedroom for the house, one small and one large room. Click the Plan – Create Rooms. To finish making square field, make sure you double clicked in the process. Without the Sweet Home still think you’re still forming other fields.
5. Now right-click on the newly formed field earlier. Choose Modify and select the texture Rooms on the floor plans of houses. Now form the walls of the same size with the shape of the floor. Note the appearance of three dimensions. In a similar manner, form 1 room again at his side.

6. We come to give color to the walls to make it look more real results. Make sure you are not choosing primary walls, but the walls of the rooms. Use the Shift key when you select the parts of the wall and then right click and select Modify Walls. In the dialog box select the colors for the left and right side of the wall. Click OK and see the result.

7. The next step let’s put a door on the second room. But first we must first put the door frame. Click the folder Doors and Windows, Door frame and drag it to the Home Plan on the right side wall. Drag Door to Door frame similar to the way it was. To play click, hold, and drag the image circle of arrows on the object selected. And do not forget to give color or texture to the frame and the door.

8. Up here the rough shape of our floor plans houses are visible. Now please fill the last two rooms with different furniture. So that the scale and location of the object more precisely, use the Location and Size in part in any Modify dialog box. For example, for light objects, you can determine the brightness level by entering the percent value.

9. When finished, let’s try rendering it to a real 3-dimensional image. First set the first 3 dimensional perspectives. You can use the camera to be free to determine his point of view. The trick, press Ctrl + Shift + D object models until the man at the home floor plans. Use the 3D View menu and then click Create Photo. In the dialog box specify the size of the final result image and drag the slider at the bottom to determine the quality of the picture then click the Create button to start the rendering process. Remember the good image that you want then it will be a long process.

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