January 28, 2022

Indirect Lighting Will Make Your Room More Comfortable

Organizing the lights as part of the lighting system is essential. The effect is different depending on the setting. One is a system of indirect lighting in the room.
There are several systems for lighting in the room. If you have thinking to minimize the intensity of the light to be less glare and reduce unnecessary shadows, then you can use a system of indirect lighting.
Indirect lighting system means that the 90 percent to 100 percent of the light is directed to the ceiling or upper walls then reflected to illuminate the entire room. The lack of it is the efficiency of the total light from the light source falling on the surface of the object is reduced, while the excess is not to cause glare and shadow so it can much more convenient.

This type of lighting is suitable to be applied in a room that does not require the intensity of the light which  is too bright, such as bedrooms and workspaces. What is needed is a light that can provide comfort to your eyes during the activity and indirect light can be a solution.

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