January 28, 2022

Simple attic house for adding the room

If you are one of those people who are bored with your home building structures that look monotonous? Each person must always change the atmosphere home to make it look more fun. But the limited space and funds into two basic problems that are often a major obstacle.

To the costs issue, you can negotiate with your family so find a solution. While to the problem of limited space, you can use the space of your home and unused well, e.g. loft. Almost every house had an upstairs has a loft and most of those who are homeless do not utilize attic space properly so that the unemployed useless. If your home includes a two-story house that has an attic and not utilized properly, then now you know which part of the house and the need for renovation.


Utilization of simple attic room that works well will give a different touch to your home building. A simple loft house can you get up and functioned for a particular room, which certainly would be very nice. In addition to utilizing the highest location in the house, was also able to give a different touch than previous architectures.

But before you make sure to build a room below the attic, ensure it is level with the roof of the house is not too narrow. Minimal adult can stand comfortably on the site and made as safe as possible for children, and other family members. An attic, can be used for an extra bedroom or storage space, it is an excellent solution for those who want a new room addition.

Loft Conversions

The first thing you should do when converting an attic into a useful space, namely consultation with the architect or builders who will work to make sure the attic that will be renovated to meet the structural feasibility or not. Do not let you throw money down the drain, but the results are not optimal or not in line with expectations.

Many modern homes are not suitable for the conversion of the rest of the roof space is very diverse. You also need to ensure that all new windows or a skylight is correctly implemented correctly for ventilation, if it would be used as a habitable room.

Just like other functions, the attic space can be maximized for a variety, such as a bedroom, study room, family room, and children’s playroom or simply as a storage space. Because of its location at the top, does not facilitate the activities of the incoming and outgoing goods, so that the utilization can be much easier.

For those of you who are minded to utilize existing attic, you should really think about a dual purpose space to meet various needs, So that the right if supported widely available and maximize the space that will be used.

Issues that need to be addressed in the attic space is aeration and lighting, since it is located at the top. Moreover, the conditions in the space under the roof tend to heat during the day, and desperately need maximum airflow. Here are a few things that should be a concern in the making or use the remaining space under the eaves or attic access attic Exit Sign

In planning an attic renovation project is important to consider how you will get access into it. If stairs or normal height door on there, then you just make your way out-entry only. That way, you can determine where the next position will be used as a ladder to climb-downs.

Building strength

Although the look is solid, but under the roof of the building had to have had the power in terms of a support or foundation, since there is no space underneath. But if you already have the upper floors of the building house, you will be easier to put the position of the ground floor.

If you want to be used as storage space or living room, the first thing you should do is make sure that the room can accommodate heavy loads of any object you want to keep. Specify the maximum ceiling height of the attic space, because it can affect the function that will be used. Remember, narrow high ceilings make the short distance to walk on the floor.

Maximum illumination

Given the position of the attic space above, then the lighting or lighting arrangements will be much easier. Especially if you want to save costs, you can replace a few tiles or roof covering with a strong glass or the window facing up to allow light to enter during the day and you just put on the lights at dusk only.

Set Air Circulation

Before making the exhaust air and circulation such as what, will serve as a first determine what space you want to use in the attic. As the best option, can use vent, exhaust fan or window, and can also pair the air conditioning (AC).

If AC be the source of your air conditioner, the roof should be sealed or given a special coating, so that the incoming heat is not absorbed much. So that the resulting indoor air to be maximized and no incoming heat, especially for a cozy bedroom.

Develop a simple attic house now belonged to you. It really creative.

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