January 28, 2022

Keep Attention on Water Seepage

Water absorption owned by each material is different. Thus, the reaction of each wall facing the water seepage is also different. No Matter how hard your wall face of water seepage, you should not let water seep continuously.
The first step to face this problem is to determine the origin of the water. Only after knowing the cause, you can do special handling.

The cause of seepage

Water leaks can occur from the outside, or from within the house itself. Stucco is not waterproof and hold moisture keeps water from seeping out easily and penetrate into the wall. Wall cracks can also cause it happens.

In addition, water from the shower can also cause seepage. Solutions to handle seepage If you are currently building a house, consider the use of addictive substances mortar with integral waterproofing. It could also, substitute materials trasraam with layers of asphalt, rubber trasraam, zinc trasraam Papak, or arrangement of bricks plastered cement with waterproof emulsion.

However, if you want to renovate the walls of the house that has a stain spots, you can overcome by coating the walls using waterproof paint. If the seepage water is much enough, even to make the wall broken, it is better you do something else.

Re coat plaster or plaster over the old one. Add redseal on new plaster. Beside Redseal, you can also add weldcrete.

Redseal is anti moisturizer paint coatings, while weldcrete is addictive mix mortar for waterproof applications. Unlike the case if the wall cracks. Cracks less than 1 mm can be patched with cement mortar mix and weldgrout.more than that, cutting area by using betel, clean, moisturise, then fill the gap and weldgrout and mixed mortar.

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