January 28, 2022
mirror design

The best tips to put on the light in the mirror

One of the home appliances that are not only functional, but also able to beautify the room is lighted mirror. Such mirrors can facilitate users to dress up, as well as providing its own accent in the bathroom.

Additionally, bathroom, walk-in closet, and other small rooms will be an excellent fit with this type of glass. Because the light is in the mirror will illuminate the room and room saving.

However, in selecting and installing these mirrors, you need to take into account the shape and area of the room. For a room with a ceiling which is not flat, like an attic, you better choose oval shaped glass. With this form, you can get a glass size spacious enough and remain in harmony with the shape of the room.
mirror design
Beside the form of mirror, also consider the color of the light in your mirror. Generally, the LED is on mirror has color “warm” and “cool white”.

The white color is “warmer” fit with older tile color. Meanwhile, the white color is “cooler” is suitable with room which has white or blue color.

lamp in the mirror
Actually, you can even choose different colors that can create a mood in the room. For example, the use of purple. With this color, some people believe that they have suffered migrants become lighter and they feel more relaxed.

There are so many options for mirrors with lights. Moreover, if you book yourself for shape, size, and position lamps. Not only in the mirror section, you can also put the lights on the back of the mirror.

Now, time for your mirrors “on”!

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