January 28, 2022

House ventilation design for healthy house

In addition to any home lighting would require a vent. Here ventilation needed for movement or as a means of exchange of outdoor air with indoor air. Because a person who live in it would need fresh air to breathe, and of course with good ventilation will make residents more comfortable or at ease being in the house, in addition to its main function is of course if the house is well ventilated, then it will also be good for the health.


Ventilation using a window is house ventilation design that is generally available. Leafy window glass , or wood windows that can be opened wide on both sides , if it arrives in the morning , and although there is also a wide open window can remain safe , tricked by the set of trellis .

But not only is it more modern site era , and many fresh ideas are new , then popping house ventilation design was diverse , and will be discussed in this article , what are the design of the house ventilation ?

Cross ventilation. Ventilation with this model is the window / glass that look different from the other. So put two windows installed, but one of them mounted at a slight angle. This will result in a defect between the two windows, and it could be a vent in the room, the window size can be adjusted to taste or design of your home.

Window or door is straight out of the room if you have outdoor behind or beside the house. It can be utilized for ventilation , how you can make a sliding glass door , or you put a glass window that can be opened with a very wide , so even you can connect directly to the outdoors, and you can close it again if the air is too cold or heat to your liking . And because it is not connected to the front of the house, of course, window or door will be safer if you go at any time because it is not directly open and be inside.

Many lined the windows at once. Usually this is a small window that is placed on top of the wall, so it can only be seen what is inside or outside with a bit of climbing. This model window requires lots of windows to be installed.

In addition, you can also create a wall that is not fully in some parts of the house. So that air can enter through it, but certainly big and the small space that is supposed to be the wall you must also adjust to the circumstances, for example in terms of security, as well as animals from the threat of disorder. And those that can be your choice with lattice holes.

Additionally you should consider is where to place vents anyway , do not get too much that you want to change the structure of your homeĀ  so plan in advance before.

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