January 28, 2022

House Design Philosophy That Matching with Feng Shui

The preferred form of the house in Feng Shui is a square or rectangular shape. Therefore, the positive energy (Qi) to flow smoothly around the house.

The house that has a concave shape like the letter H is likely to have a negative influence on the events that will occur and that certain family members affected are dependent parts of the house were missing.

Avoid triangular shaped houses because the house was declared as an accident and misfortune that may befall the household and there is the possibility of some family members will undergo personality changes.


Houses with irregular shapes which have basin and bulge should be avoided. Because this form implies the occupants do not have stability in their living.

Avoid also inhabit the house in the form of the letter U. Why? Because the front and center of the house is gone. In Feng Shui, the center of the house represents the “heart” of the home or commonly called the Xin Tian in Mandarin. House shaped letter ‘U’ means the part of the center (central sector of the house) is located outside the home, not good for the unity of the family.

In many cases families are falling apart, the center of the home is not located in the house. Here you will find a family member who would rather spend time outside the house than enjoying the comfort and luxury of their own homes.

The same case happened with the house in the form of the letter L. Like what we have explained in the form of the letter U that the central part of the house will be lost because it has been outside the house.

The central part of the house is the center where the Qi energy together and spread throughout the room. When the center of the house has been on the outside, then the house will not get the protection from occupants in the house and often had restless and unhappy in his life.

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