January 28, 2022

Hiding Books on Dimples Wall

Do You Confused in choosing a bookshelf that suitable for placing your books? You shouldn’t, because there is no standard way to store books, for example, should be in the bookshelf.

Here, for example, the inspiration for arrangement optimization of  a bookshelf on dimples wall. Dimples at the corner of the room is usually used as a place to put the cabinet. Field space is used for furniture was to be reduced so that the room more spacious.
For those of you who need a corner area for reading, dimples could be the storage of your favorite books. Maximum, you can still make a seven-level shelves that each level is laid out book reading.

The result, the wall that is dimples will make a bookshelf is not visible from the side, because prevented by the walls view. However, when viewed from the front, was hidden with beautiful cabinets in dimples.
You can also add a few points on each shelves downlights to provide unequivocal effect. Choice of yellow light will make the rack look more beautiful.

Do not forget, leave a space between the wall of books. This meant that the book was not damaged by damp.

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