January 28, 2022
innercourt design

Saving energy at home with innercourt

Innercourt presence can provide a home atmosphere with natural lighting and natural air cool,and can reduce the heat that enters the house
Hot air especially on summer  or in tropical countries will make you feel uncomfortable. Opening presents in the form of an open space in the house, known as innercourt very effective to reduce the heat in the room.

innercourt design
Openings can be designed to form ponds or open area like a dry garden. Innercourt can also be used as a liaison between spaces that can provide natural lighting and good air circulation. In designing these, factors from innercourt position and type of cover to be a major factor
Generally innercourt located in a strategic position in the house surrounded by the family room, living room and dining room and even the bedroom. For the cover you can use the automatic opening and closing systems or can be left open.
Innercourt also be designed using large glass sliding doors provide flexibility for air flow into the room
Innercourt view can be styled using outdoor elements such as the front or back garden. Options can be a fountain or pool plus a waterfall with a pond at the bottom of the pond content with coral
Alternatively, you can place a statue or other types of processed walls to make it look beautiful and natural. For part of the green, you can use potted plants
Besides innercourt function to get the lighting and good air circulation, innercourt also gives the impression of spacious and roomy in the room

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