January 28, 2022
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10 Tips on Home Care for Allergy Sufferer

Allergy is not a pleasant thing. Just because trivial things like dust and mites, your activities throughout the day can be inhibited.
To avoid that, here are ten tips on caring for your home who suffer from allergies:

1. Determine and schedule follow cleaned the house

As much as possible, avoid the dust and dander in your home. Make sure you wipe the surface with a damp cloth inside the house rather than just using a feather duster to remove dust. Using a feather duster just “throw” the dust back into the air.

2. Make a habit for put off shoes in the house

This method is one way to avoid the ingress of dust and pollen from the outside of the house. You can provide special slippers in the house for guests and members of your family.

3. Replace vacuum cleaners at home

You should immediately replace a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that is able to absorb allergens.

4. Replace curtains

In addition to vacuum cleaners, you also need to replace the curtains with lighter materials and had fewer folds. Curtains made from heavy and full of folds can hold more dust and allergens. You can also change your curtains with blinds that you can easily clean it.

5. Avoid carpet

From now on, better to avoid the use of carpet, especially carpet that covered the entire floor of your home. This type of carpet is very difficult to clean.
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Try using a floor with other types such as wood, tile, or linoleum. If no idea than to use a carpet, do not forget to clean it regularly using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. After that, wash again with steam cleaners. The way to make sure you clean the carpet with the right temperature. Temperatures are too low are not able to eliminate allergens from the carpet.

6.Coating sleeping equipment

You can quickly coat the mattresses, pillows, and bolsters in your room. These habits can protect you from dust mites. Do not forget, make sure you clean the sheets and pillows, bolsters your gloves with warm water.

7. Do not stack the things

Avoid piling stuff on the bottom of your bed. Too much stuff makes dust accumulates and is very difficult to clean.

8. Clean air conditioner filters

One should not miss is the cooling and cleaning the fan filter regularly. In addition, clean your well ventilated room  because these parts can accumulate dust. If too much dust accumulates, the dust will return to the air spread.

9. Watching pets

Do not let your pet get into your room. Especially cat dander, potentially enough  to cause allergies.

10. Clean the air

Make sure the air in your house is really clean. You can open the windows to let in fresh air into the house. If necessary, use a filter so that the air coming into the house is free from allergens. Of course, you must not smoke in the house!

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