January 28, 2022

Golden Tips on Choosing The Right Outdoor Patio Rugs

Rugs are an object of decoration which is an important decoration needed for any space in the house. There are many types of carpets based on their location, from special rugs for children’s play areas to outdoor patio rugs that beautify the patio area of ​​your house.

There are many incredible functions of rugs that can’t be ignored as it can clearly make your home more comfortable. Especially outdoor patio rugs that will prove the difference between a dull looking patio and the one that embraces the living mood. And here are two main reasons why you need to carefully choose your next outdoor patio rugs.

Provide Safety

It turned out that the role of a rug is quite extensive. Especially if you live with someone who is elderly or even children. The existence of a rug in the house, especially in the patio, will provide extra security for them. 

By putting the right type of rug – which we will cover later – will avoid slippery floors and risk making a slip. In addition to avoiding these risks, the rugs will also minimize injury if there are people or small children who fall, especially if the one that is being installed has a medium thickness, making it more soft and safe.

Not only for humans, but the rugs are also able to secure your furniture and decoration items. There are furniture and decoration items with certain materials that have slippery pedestal parts, so they are sometimes too easy to move. By installing a carpet under furniture or decoration items that tend to that, then you have made it safer from the risk of sliding or falling (plus it will save your budget ‘duh’).

Beautify the Area

To achieve the perfect balance in the area such as the patio is a complicated task. Thus, the addition of the right outdoor patio rugs are getting more significant. In fact, the summation of rugs is to make the room more compact, even though there are other functions as explained earlier.

In terms of beautifying the area, the rugs can be installed in various ways. The usual way is to put it on the floor, as it should. But, you can always be creative by combining the rugs with other materials.

outdoor patio rugs design

However, to decorate the patio using only a rug is a difficult task. Thus, there are several aspects that you must pay attention to. Like the balance of the size of the carpet with the size of the patio, color matching, as well as whether or not the rug is capable of withstanding rough conditions.

The options of appropriate outdoor patio rugs are abundant, and because of that, you will need to know which models best suit your needs before determining the right rugs for your porch.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are usually produced using a machine. The hallmark of contemporary rugs is their firm color and design. Unlike other rugs models that are usually made from natural materials such as animal hair or leafy plants, contemporary carpets are made from a mixture of natural materials with synthetic materials or – sometimes it fully uses synthetic materials. The quality of synthetic materials can also be seen from the price and comfort of the texture.

Polypropylene Rugs

Prefer another type of synthetic rugs? If so then, you should choose the type of Polypropylene rugs. Although it is made of synthetic materials, this type of carpet has a smooth texture. Since this is made of synthetic materials, of course, the price is affordable.

But with price comes the quality of the goods. This also applies to Polypropylene rugs. The price is quite reasonable, thus the matting with this type has several shortcomings such as the color that fade too fast and the yarn that easily peels off. But on the other hand, you can clean the Polypropylene rugs easily with water.

Nylon Rugs

This type of carpet has similarities with the Polypropylene one. The similarity is in the carpet material. But, the nylon material is on one level above the Polypropylene material. This can be felt directly from the material which mimics wool-like texture.

The nylon rugs will be more suitable for a patio area with a bright concept because it usually has striking colors. Having the same material as the PP rugs, nylon matting can also be washed using water directly with water.

Sisal Rugs

This one particular material may still be unfamiliar to most people. Apparently, as the name implies, this one particular type of outdoor patio rugs comes from a plant called sisal. The natural material makes the texture richer and is very safe to use.

One particular downside of sisal rugs is that it can’t be washed with water but instead, the cleaning process needs to be done with a vacuum cleaner. Thus, this type of matting is not suitable for a patio area that is connected to a pool.

Tribal Rugs

This particular type of rug has a lot of variants and almost all of it is not suitable for wet outdoor patio rugs. On one hand, you got one of the most unique matting variants that can almost uplift the area by itself but on the other hand, the tribal rugs are quite pricey. 

Most people assume that a tribal carpet is just a rug with a tribal design in general, which is very popular because it can provide unique motifs and colors without making it look too excessive. When in fact what is meant by tribal carpet is more to the way of making it. 

patio rugs design idea

Tribal rugs are also included in carpets that are woven by hand, usually by nomadic people who use looms that can be carried everywhere. Because of this, tribal rugs are usually smaller in size than other rugs models.

Having the right concept that matches the need and function of the patio is the first and foremost step before determining the option of outdoor patio rugs. Remember to Make the selection properly to create a harmonious and certainly comfortable space.

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