January 28, 2022

4 Bright Tips Apartment Bathroom Look Luxurious

While planning to design the bathroom of your dreams, there are lots of elements that must be considered starting from the floor design, color selection, furniture selection, to the budgeting. Process in making an apartment bathroom look luxurious is a process that must be prepared carefully so that the space is comfortable, cozy, and has good aesthetic value.

However, for those of you who have high taste, having a luxurious bathroom that still suits your budget is gonna be quite challenging. Worry not, here are four clever tips that you can use to make the apartment bathroom look luxurious.

small bathroom ideas on a budget

Limit the Use of Tiles

To save money, limit the use of tiles in your bathroom. The use of tiles as accent decoration can give the impression of a luxurious bathroom, but you do not need to get hung up on this. Pick artistic tiles that will not only look more real but will save you lots in budgeting.

Repaint the Area

This method is quite effective because you don’t need to remodel to give your bathroom a new look. Paint the entire wall around the window, bathtub, shower-head, sink, mirror, and closet in a color that suits your concept.

Modify the Furniture

Don’t forget to pay attention to the small details around your luxurious bathroom. Try peeping into bathroom accessories, such as lights, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawers. Some of these items might be overlooked but it kinda ruins the process to make your apartment bathroom look luxurious

Try to change and alter the feature of the accessories to give the impression of a luxurious bathroom without the need to buy expensive equipment.

Choose Gold Color and Marble Material

The gold color and marble material is the cheat key always to get a luxurious impression to any room and nothing wrong with applying both in the bathroom to make it look more luxurious. 

For example, you can add golden accents on the shower or glass frame plus let the marble material covers the bathroom floor. To push the budget, you can also get wallpaper with marble motifs on one wall in a dry area.

With these three methods, you can also get the luxury bathroom touches you dream of. Once you know how to make a luxurious bathroom by renovating with minimal budget equipment and DIY the process is gonna be easy.

Well, as the tips and tricks to give the impression of a luxurious bathroom in your home already covered, now is the time, to take a look at some inspiring luxury bathroom designs that can be your next bathroom design.

White Color

The bathroom that uses the concept of white color reflects a more clean, simple, and elegant vibe. This concept is also suitable for those of you who want to create a luxurious bathroom atmosphere. Toward a very simple decoration, you can get a range of products with a touch of white such as bath-tubes, sink, and cabinet drawers.

A Touch of Natural Stone

On the case that you are a lover of luxury bathrooms with a natural touch. Why not go ahead and try decorating the walls with stone tiles in the shower area? Plot a brown material with natural stone decorations to give a cool and neutral pattern.

Pick a Solid Color

To get an apartment bathroom that looks luxurious, clean, simple without too much decoration then picks a solid color. This style can be done by decorating your bathroom with a color combination of white bathroom fixtures so it is not too dark and shows the clean side of your luxurious bathroom.

Color Ceramic Accents

Who says you can’t have a luxurious bathroom that looks artistic? The variety of colored ceramics can create a lively bathroom. This particular design comprises a minimalist and funny concept. Do stir your focus for the shape of the bathtub, which is decorated by ceramic boxes, small and colorful. Make sure the ceramic selection remains elegant and the color combination is not too tacky.

Plant Decoration in the Bathroom

To get a fancy yet simple bathroom, you need to wipe the walls with bright and shady colors. Kick start the aspect with the composition of the lighting and the placement of ornamental plants. Before getting this design, make sure your bathroom gets enough sunlight every day, or else, the plant will get wither.

Emphasize on Window

If you have a bathroom that is not too large and wants to make the apartment bathroom look luxurious, you can design it with a touch of a window connection to get the impression of luxury. Bathtub and shower are arranged in such a way as to make this bathroom comfortable to use. With this design, you can feel the natural freshness of nature since the window can directly provide fresh morning air.

Wooden Accents for Storage

Tidiness is one of the keys to producing the impression of a luxurious bathroom. Try this trick by using a go-green cabinet and wooden shelves to put all your toiletries such as towels, soap, plants, and more. In addition to maintaining neatness and cleanliness in the bathroom, by giving a wooden accent to your bathroom, you can also make the decoration more beautiful and natural-looking.


Implement the Scandinavian style in your luxury bathroom since this particular genre doesn’t take up too much space and equipment. What do you need to get the Scandinavian style is few furniture accessories accented with monochrome by a combination of black and white. 

Wooden Stair Accessories in the Bathroom

The application of accessories such as wooden stairs is also one alternative to make your apartment bathroom look luxurious. Place a medium-sized ladder rack in the bathroom as a place to hang towels to add a beautiful touch. The atmosphere of your bathroom will also feel more natural as the wooden ladder shelves can also let your towels dry faster.

Do remember that elements like walls and lights can also play a huge part in making the impression of a luxurious bathroom. Hope this helps, and keep healthy!

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