January 28, 2022

Comfortable Bathroom as Spa Room

Avoiding stress and fatigue by visiting the spa on a regular basis make your budget increases. Instead of bloated budgets, it is better to take the spa room into your home right?
You can create a spa bathroom as comfortable as your spa center, ranging from the selection of materials and interior accents to remind you how good it eliminates stress in the spa room. Here are some tips to create a “private spa” in your home:

Warm wood accents

You can add wood materials in your bathroom. This accent could give the impression the minimalist room and soothing distinctive Asian flavor.

Natural Materials

Expand the use of natural materials. Give accents of natural textures such as wood and stone. These elements will give “life” in your bathroom.
In addition, by using stones as the floor, your feet will be “massaged” every time you walk. If you do not this kind of floor because it is too expensive, you could use a bath mat patterned and textured like a rock.

Mat that on the base of bathtub is anti-slippery mat. In addition to the bathtub, you can also put it in the shower area.

Accent walls

You can give a floating accent by putting vanity on the wall. Vanity will give a more open feeling in your bathroom.

Opened Vanity

In addition to floating, you can also have an open vanity. As a suggestion, make sure you only keep a towel or beauty products here. These items are not easy to accumulate and make your bathroom a mess.

White Shades

Use white color. These colors give clean impression and organized to keep you out of the pressure.

Create continuity

You can create continuity by using floor and wall tiles are brightly colored. The floors and walls were impressed together this makes the room seem larger.

Use of  Glass

You can add space by using strengthened glass  Transparent components will make the room look great.

bathhub Options
If you want a bathtub, you should choose a bathtub that “sinking” into the ground. This form is almost identical to the form that is in the spa. Other than that, you just have to step if you want to get into it.


Give the window, and make sure the sun can go into your bathroom. If it is not possible to use transparent window, choose glass that is able to enter the light. Just make sure no one can see you inside.

Keep neatness

There is nothing more than regularity. Both of the look of the interior as well as the placement of furniture in it does not look messy.

Orchid flower

You can add a comfortable atmosphere by presenting orchids. Accent is often a “decoration mandatory” in spa salons.

These last accessories add comfort of your personal spa. Light a candle and feel the comfort of soaking in the bathtub, bath scrubs, or other beauty treatments accompanied by fluorescent light.

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  1. These bathrooms look really awesome…But I suppose that the most you can do with your small bathroom is to paint it in some colors, palce candles and plants.

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