January 28, 2022

Still Popular After All These Years

Roman blinds are a classic window dressing option that are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. Originally made popular years ago throughout Europe, these blinds give the feel of the ancient Empire of Rome with enduring lines that create a beautiful drapery effect. While curtains can be bulky, heavy, and not appear quite as classic as blinds, Roman blinds bring both together, creating a unique sophistication in any room of the house. Because of this, these blinds have continued to be a popular option for window dressing throughout the United Kingdom.
Roman blinds gather material patterns both vertically and horizontally with fabric cording. When opening the blinds, they are pulled up together tightly to create a drapery effect and let a lot of sunlight into the room. When closed, the blinds are pulled flat and keep light out of the house. Available in a number of different patterns and colours, the blinds can be purchased to match your current home d├ęcor or to stand out as a focal point in the room. Plain colours such as tan, white, and brown can match your furnishings, while multi-colour stripes, polka dots, and floral patterns will stand out among everything else

Because of how versatile Roman style blinds can be, they can be used in one room to create a cosy, relaxing space and in another room to create a bright and airy feel. These blinds can provide solar control, energy saving options, blackout backing material and can also offer resistance to moisture. The popularity of these blinds continues to rise around the world, as they are not only a classic style, but are available for around the same price range as many other window dressings such as roller blinds and drapes. A huge range of Roman blinds is available from Curtains And Blinds 4 Homes, a UK based textile manufacturer that specialises in Roman, roller and Venetian blinds, as well as readymade curtains, to find out more information please visit their website at www.curtainsandblinds4homes.co.uk.

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