January 28, 2022

Sun Room for Your Home

In the rain which seemed endless, it would be nice having a “half-open” from home. This room will keep you can enjoy the scenery without fear of strong wind or rain fall.
Room is often called a sunroom or sun room you can create at home. You can make it in the outer portion of your home.for example, you “turn” the porch and make windows around it.
To complete this sunroom, you can choose furniture that fits with the design of your home, be it modern style furniture, eclectic, or traditional. Select the color and material which is also capable of supporting the design and surrounding environment.

wicker furniture

One style of furniture is generally made ​​from natural materials, such as bamboo and rattan. Not only light, furniture products from natural material  is also diverse. However, make sure you know exactly how to treat them if they want the furniture is durable.

plastic and vinyl Furniture

Stylish wicker furniture at this time also some of it use the plastic as a raw material. If you are more interested in using plastic, make sure you add to the beauty of the chair with attractive colors beautiful cushions .

Do not forget the plants

Fulfill your sun room also with plants. In addition to supporting the freshness, green plants also adds peace your heart while enjoying the atmosphere.

eclectic style

This style is suitable for you who love diversity. You can make the room semi-formal with this style. Combine wicker chair with side table and choose motifs which are more formal.

Do not forget, combine various styles for your sun room is. Do not be awkward, free your imagination and make it a comfortable room for you and your family!

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