January 28, 2022

6 Mistakes on Park Design

Farming in the home can be one way of relieving the stress of urban life. Ironically, a beautiful park that never even cared for every day  can add to your stress.
Possibly, the mistake does not exist on the land, farming equipment, or your fertilizer. It may be that the fault is in yourself. Here are some mistakes that make planting your garden does not go beautifully:

Planting in the wrong area

If you have prepared a farming area, complete with automatic watering system, but your plants do not grow properly, there are chances that you are planting in the wrong area.

By Ivette Soler, a garden designer and author of the blog Germatrix said you do not need to dismantle the growing media which you have prepared. You just need to dig a little seed planting and removing it from the media. After that, spread gravel layer thickness of approximately 10 cm below the growing media to improve drainage. Next, refill the planting medium with organic compost.

Repeal the flowers, not pests

Either because you incorrectly identified sprouts as pests or for any other reason, there is the risk arising from the repeal of the best parts of your plants. Actually, there is your best way to avoid this kind of error on other occasions, namely by making tiny fences around your plants.

Labeling of plants is also a unique idea. Alternatively, you build a fence to prevent the entry of wild animals that will probably ruin your favorite plants.

Not preparing the soil

Originally planted without knowing the composition of the soil can make plants are not fully developed. According to Soler, you’ll want to mix the soil with organic compost.

The soil mixture is a good foundation for your plants. This mixture is able to provide nutrients to the plants without poisoned chemical ingredients .

Keep in mind, that a good organic compost for your plants, but not with pesticides. Although occasionally you need a pesticide, make sure you do not give it too much. Pesticides can long lasting in the soil for years. Thus, to eliminate the pests, you better use a mixture of hot water and vinegar.

Too much water

Plants need water of course. However, too much water can make the roots rot easily.

The easiest way is to buy a water control system for your plants. However, you can also do it manually. Pay attention to the state of your soil. If too dry, meaning your plants need water. If you can make a ball out of your land, meaning it has enough water.

Planting Destructive Plant

Carefully choose the type of plants you want to plant in the area. If accidentally grow plants with this type of “invasive”, the potential emergence of risk needs to be taken into account. Ivy vines such as  for example, is able to damage the other plants around it.

Plants need the sun

Some plants, such as tomatoes require direct sunlight, including some vegetable crops. For that, consider the type of plants you are and know which treatments should be done at the plant.

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