January 28, 2022

Understanding the Interior Design Columbus

Definition of interior design of Columbus starts from a profession in the creative field with the technical solutions adopted solutions into a structure that is built, to reach the interior environment. These solutions are functional, such as to improve the quality of life and culture of the residents and create an impression of the aesthetic in an attractive house. Designs are created in response to the prescribed regulations to encourage the principles of environmental sustainability. There are three main things to be studied in interior design, namely: 1. Space, 2. Tool, 3. Human.


In studying Columbus interior design required mastery of knowledge related to a number of aspects of human needs in the space as individual and social beings. Knowledge encompasses: design history, psychology, sociology, ergonomics, construction, engineering physics, methodology and aesthetics. In addition to an understanding of the underpinning knowledge required skill mastery also in the process of designing the interior design Columbus include the ability to program, the ability to make design presentations, communication skills and so on.
The interior design is a science that studies the design of a work of art that is in a building and used to solve human problems. Interior design of the house includes the fields of architecture that has the scope of the inside of a building.

The interior design is divided into three groups: fixed the interior design that cannot be moved like wall design, planning and other floor. Then there is the interior design moving or not remains to be furniture that can be moved. The latter is no decorative interior design or decorating parts or decorations such as ornaments additions and more.

Factors to consider in the design of the interior space are unity and harmony is unity, a room can lead to harmony and unity in touch. The next factor is the balance or the balance which means the art of interior design should not be biased, must be balanced on both sides are also balanced with overall equilibrium conditions also divided into symmetrical balance, asymmetrical and radial. The next factor is the focal point that one or more parts of the appeal or the center of attention in the room such as painting and others. Rhythm in interior design is all about visual pattern repetition. Rhythm is defined as an organized movement.

A further factor is the Detail the smallest things that are in a design and described in detail and focus. Scale and proportion of the design must have an appropriate proportion do not overdo it and making it up. The latter is a color that plays an important role in generating the feel of the interior design results.

Much we can learn from interior design so that add to our knowledge, especially for those who want to engage in it, hopefully this sense of interior design of Columbus can be understood and applied.

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