January 28, 2022

Teak furniture antique furniture that must be observed in the treatment

Has made ​​teak wood furniture such as antique objects that have more and more expensive , for it needs to be treated properly in order to stay awake beauty and can even be passed down from generation to generation . furniture of teak wood base antique furniture called because the longer the selling price is more expensive furniture and the old value of the more visible presence boast , therefore a lot of people who loved to collect antique furniture such as a form of self .

Before the discovery of coating materials technology ( wood coating) , Javanese people use coconut pulp to rub or polish the teak wood furniture so that the beauty of the color of the wood fibers remain aesthetically brilliant , shiny and not easy to change color , coconut pulp is unfortunately often lead to mold on the wood surface . In addition to the Java community also use beeswax material / bees wax to protect the teak wood from absorbing water so it does not easily weathered, remains strong and resilient.


Once familiar with the technology of coating materials , the use of wood serlak material known as gum ‘plitur’ serlak , Melamine , NC , and the final wood finishing materials technology water based wood coatings safer already widely used to protect and enhance the beauty of teak furniture . With this technology quality teak furniture also became much better.

However, routine maintenance is an absolute thing that must be done so that the valuable teak furniture remains beauty and value remain high throughout the period.

Caring for antique furniture is not as easy as taking care of other ordinary furniture. Need special handling and routine maintenance. Here are some tips for caring for furniture / teak furniture you are still preserved:

Place the furniture in clean place, dry with normal temperatures. High humidity can accelerate the oxidation process of the wood, causing fungal attack and is an ideal condition for growing of termites or other wood insects.

Make sure the surface is always clean and hygienist furniture, by keeping them clean from dust and dirt. Use a brush to clean teak furniture, rattan, water hyacinth from dust. You can also use a vacuum cleaner. use clean water and a little detergent to clean dirt , and do not use cleaning materials furniture ( furniture cleaner ) which contain ingredients such as solvents , methanol , toluene , acetone , etc. , materials like chemicals spirit is indeed able to clean it easily but it can damage the lining paint or coating films .

Never wipe the furniture with a cloth, though cloth is made of very fine material. It is because cloth could cause scratches on the surface of the furniture.

Use Bio polish to surface furniture polish to maintain the beauty of wood color and extend the life of the coating layer protection

Continue to provide a layer of wax (liquid furniture upholstery). The trick, spray liquid on the cotton cloth / shirt is dry and blends on antique furniture. Wait and see what happens a few minutes later. Wipe dry with another cloth.

Function waxed here to give the impression of clean and shine the furniture. It will also protect the furniture from dust and scratches immediately. You can buy wax at building stores, and supermarkets.

Place your antique furniture in a place that has a normal temperature and not humid. Also try the furniture that is not exposed to sunlight or other heat source directly, because it can make your furniture look dull, cracked or warped layer.

With regular maintenance is guaranteed to be good antique furniture and a minimalist all-time engraving will be durable furniture even become family heirlooms.

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