January 28, 2022

Bonsai planters for gardening

Home is where whoever comes home after a long day of work or activities outside. Therefore the house must be made as comfortable and beautiful as possible so that it becomes a pleasant resting place for the residents. To create a beautiful home does not need to be out the cost of many, one alternative is to enhance your home by making park/garden. Garden which contains beautiful plants and flowers that will raise your mood. Other than that image will stay home and the place feels less if no greenery. Try a minimum green area in your house because in addition be good for your soul where these plants as air balancer. One of the ornamental plants that are very suitable to decorate your home garden is bonsai planters.


Bonsai plant is suitable for home / small garden area. Crops commonly grown in the pot, the water is also very efficient, because you do not need to bother watering every day with plenty of water and place it in a location that enough sunlight. Example is the Japanese bonsai frangipani, banyan, etc..

For all fans of ornamental plants, bonsai plant names have been familiar. Bonsai is a dwarfed plant with a long and complicated process. Cannot be denied that bonsai plants are still one of the public interest. In addition to the unique shape of this plant is also has a posture that is not too big.

Not a few people who make bonsai as one collection to decorate the house. Function of bonsai itself apart to decorate the house, it turns out the plant is also able to make the house into the fresh air. With reality as it is, and then make this plant as a promising business opportunity.

Special skills are needed to be able to maintain a small plant that high value is getting old. Apart from the skills, tenacity is very necessary to be able to plant and care for these plants; because something does not work when coupled with patience it will be difficult

When you wish to start bonsai cultivation, without a good understanding of the results will not be optimal, given the process of planting bonsai has a fairly complicated process, from the initial grafting twigs till formation.

You can create your own bonsai plants and planting it for business or personal purposes. But if you do not have time for that you can buy ready-made bonsai in retailer. The beautiful bonsai will be more expensive. After you have a bonsai plant in your home, it is important to keep in mind is about it treatment. Caring for bonsai tricky, as follows:

In the dry season bonsai should be watered every day, in the morning and afternoon. Water for watering should be clear water, clean, odorless, and free of salt. Watering is done in two ways. First, pour the water directly to the planting medium. Second, the media cropping and dipping into the pot of water until the water can seep and wet planting medium right.

It should be done with the right dose. The frequency of fertilization is recommended once a month with NPK fertilizer and urea used. Foliar fertilizer can also be given three times a month.

Weeding is done every day especially if it looks a weed (wild crop) in the planting medium. To avoid weeds is advisable to give the moss on the surface of the planting medium. Green moss also functions as a moisture indicator. Pruning the trunk, branches, twigs, and leaves to form a bonsai conducted in accordance with the wishes. If growth is rapid bonsai plants, pruning is done once a month. If the slow-growing bonsai planters, pruning is done 2-3 instead of once

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