January 28, 2022


To create comfortable bedroom teenagers, we must consider the design space for teens. One of the interesting things about the teenager’s room is talking about the mural, especially bedroom murals for teenagers. Make the walls look attractive with the presence of painting you can apply the techniques to create murals. Mural is one of the ornate rooms are very attractive and of course teenagers will love it for the concept to suit their tastes and their youthfulness. Mural themes and patterns of teenagers bedroom certainly have to adjust and customize the teen room design is concerned. You have to determine the things that older children want in their room. Make it in a nice setting.


Creation mural painting on the wall you can use interior wall paint. You are free to come up with the pictures on the wall as you wish.

Course, decorating the walls of the room with a mural creation requires certain techniques so that the walls will seem alluring. How to apply the techniques of mural on the wall of a teenager’s bedroom? Here are the steps:

Decide in advance the concept or form of paintings that you will create. Make sure that the concept is in accordance with the function space and the character of the occupants. For teens you should first ask their favorite. Of course, you as a parent have little to intervene when the image they want is not in accordance with their age. After an agreement is reached, you can begin to implement the steps.

Do a mural using paint creations. So as not to extravagant, you can mix the paint colors with each other to obtain new colors. Because the mural technique of teenager’s bedroom takes a lot of color unless you are going to make painted that only have two or three colors. Teenagers usually like the combination of colors such as navy blue and white or pink and peach for girls. Wall paint color selection is very important here because it is interesting or not affecting the mural that will be created. If your teen that smells like a classic case, you can use paint color beige, brown or yellow glaze. The colors are very suitable for teen classic soul, not too flashy but still interesting in view. For this theme you can combine with gray carpet that looks similar.

When the concept to be made is ​​ready, then you have to check the condition of the wall if there are a cracked wall sections or cavities for fillings done.

If you’re ready, you can do a mural technique by making patterns on the wall using chalk so that if anything goes wrong it will be easier to fix.

Then you can brush paint the walls with the color you choose matches the pattern that you have created. Finally bedroom murals for teenagers are ready to be used.

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