January 28, 2022

Tips on choosing carpet and tile for your home

The use of tiles as floor is coverings rated by some people better and more durable than the use of carpet. Besides is being more durable, easier to clean tiles. Despite that not all types of tiles can be installed in each room with different characteristics. But there are also some people who like the texture of the carpet are warm and slightly padded so much to install tile in her house but still cover it with carpet. The following are some tips in choosing the appropriate carpet and tile for your home state.


Diverse types of tiles so you have to be very clever to determine which one is the right tile for your home.


The size of the bedroom area is usually not the living room or dining room, so the tiles needed to make the space seem less cramped. Matching tiles installed in this space is tiled with pale colors and soft like a broken white, light green or creamy white, because this type of tile can reflect more light, and the space will seem spacious bedroom.


In addition to easy dirty, the bathroom too often scalded, so that the tiles become slippery. The trick, choose a tile with a certain texture, that is not slippery. E.g. texture tile with threaded or prominent spots. Tiles are shiny and flat will allow the wearer to slip.


This room is one room dirty easily, because the rest of the sauce ingredients or dishes cooked not uncommon scattered in the kitchen. For that, choose a tile with a material that is easily cleaned. make sure the tiles are of good quality because of the use of the kitchen as one of the area ‘ hard’ which requires its own power on its feet .

In addition, because the kitchen is generally small, at least choose tiles with a medium size, about 30 cm x 30 cm. This tile will make the kitchen seem more spacious.


This room can be said to be a window of a house, so the furniture displayed can find decorative side including tile in the living room. Matching tiles installed in the living room is tiled with a pattern on the edge, or have a certain style.

While for the carpet it there are a few things you need to concern about like:

Form of carpet

You’ll often see the carpet with a square shape and even most of the homes that you encounter will use a carpet with a shape like that, but contemporary rugs are also available in other forms of diversity. Free form really looks sweet. So, do not limit yourself to the carpet square. Try rugs are round, oval or even carpet which has a different shape than others. There’s even a rug shaped like cars, flowers, animals and many others. Try different shapes so you can find the appropriate form of carpet. Your home will definitely look unique and different.

Carpet material

In choosing the carpet, watch the fiber used. Fibers may be synthetic fibers or natural fibers. Fiber which is used as a base material such as cotton rugs, jute, sea grass, silk , and wool for natural fiber sisal for the synthetic, such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene. The building blocks of the carpet will determine the quality and price.

Select the type of carpet

Traditional types of rugs such as rugs, modern rugs, contemporary rugs and other types. Choose the type that suits your home interior. If you have a modern interior, of course you will choose modern rugs. It is very simple; choose the type of rug that fits the style room. But this is not absolute. You can also experiment with different styles of carpet combining the style of the room.

Things mentioned above you can apply on your residential home. Well carpet and tile is not the main thing in a home, but an error in the election will make the occupants feel uncomfortable

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