January 28, 2022

Minimalist curtain for minimalist house

When we renovate the interior space we usually also replace the curtains with the latest type. But what often happens is that we often do not know want to replace the curtains with the model, type and what kind of materials.

Curtains are usually installed on the windows, doors, or a link between rooms. One function is as a blocker curtains so that activity in the room does not look or a divider. Other functions are also capable of preventing the entry of sunlight into the room. Scorching sun can interfere with the comfort of occupants in the room can also damage furniture around it.


To get a certain mood or feel of a room, you can choose the models, motifs and color of curtains to match. But to anticipate the confusion in choosing a good idea takes into consideration some of the following.

When your home style is minimalist house then you also should minimalist curtain style for minimalist room more easily in the selection of the curtains. Curtains these models are generally made of fabric plain (not patterned) or small motif that looks clean cloth. The type and color of curtains with motifs that is simple with simple shape or by using natural colors are solid. Because these styles prefer the texture and curtain rails deliberately exposed.

Some suggestions for minimalist curtain in a child’s room is to include them in the selection of motif because it will give a sense of ownership and personal care so that they participate. Minimalist curtains for kids should not be mashed smooth; we can choose particular motif children at will but still simple.

You have to recognize the appeal of the room space you’ll enjoy. It aims to make curtains that you choose not collide or compete with the Point Of Interest, so it would not seem impressive harmony and crowded.

Selection of curtains can also adjust the color of the walls and furniture around it. You can also adjust the model curtains with home design. For example, if your home a classic style, you can choose curtains with models with intricate designs. Whereas if your house minimalist style, choose the model that gives the impression of simple curtains / simple.

If you are not in the room have a Point of Interest, then you can make calls as a Point of Interest. Choose materials that have compelling and interesting motives for drapery but stay in tune with the theme of the room. In this case the determination of colors, models and motifs becomes important. And brave the experiment with your ideas.

In addition to filtering sunlight and dust, curtains are decorative elements that support the beauty of the room design and finishing touches, such as the tassel, an important note. Choose the design curtain as needed.

Look for references because the reference would be helpful for you to give you an idea what kind of drapery that will support space. Thereby, providing information to the effect that desire and want posed as a discussion with a specialist curtain.

Look for references from any well, whether internet, print media or from people who you consider to know for information the selection of materials, motifs and a good type for your room. This will help you anticipate the confusion experienced when selecting materials, models and types of drapery as considering the number of materials, motifs and drapery type of market. Your house now will complete with minimalist curtain that fit on it.

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