January 28, 2022

Dangers Behind Beautiful Rug!

Wealth of shapes and colors make the carpet is often used in children area  make it to be their favorite area to play. In fact, the wrong application can cause adverse effects on children.

Carpet flooring is quite popular, especially for applications in the nursery. This is because the shape and color that vary, and installation is easy. In fact, carpet has some shortcomings, and can affect the baby’s health.
Fine threads carpet easily bind and accumulate dust, which can lead to respiratory distress. In addition, if rarely treated, small animals and insects can also live in it.

Treatment would be the most important thing for you who have chosen rug to decorate the baby room. Goodrich, one brand that is engaged in the carpet, wall covering, fabric and flooring, has several ways to treat the carpet following:

– Clean the machine using a vacuum cleaner (a vacuum cleaner), at least a week or two weeks, so stubborn dust could disappear without trace.

– Clean the stain with a towel that has been dipped in hot water, then put it on it. When the towel is dry, quickly replace it with another damp towel. Move the towel on the outer edge to the center of the carpet area.

– Do not use household cleaning tools, such as soap and ammonia solution, which is recommended for cleaning textile goods.

– Cleaning is a thoroughly routine activities that must be performed on a carpet.

– Try to contact several companies who are experts in carpet cleaning materials. Note, that the acids and chemicals can result in discoloration

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