January 28, 2022
carport with bathroom

How to Build a Carport with Bathroom

Carports protect your car or other motor vehicle from dirt and dusty air. You can buy a cheap carport at a store near your home or online, but it is possible carport not fit your liking. Instead, build self carport will definitely look better and last longer. You can also add a bathroom facility beside the carport. These are some ways to build carport with bathroom

carport with bathroom

Part One: Prepare Your Carport Location

1. Get the entire building permit, if required.

2. Determine the location of the carport and specify the size of the land. (Size of the structures described in this article is for the average-sized car. If cars or trucks larger than average size, then adjust the size.)

3. Leveling the land and determine the soil cover, if necessary. Vacant land could have been, but the considerations put a layer of gravel to avoid dirt brought into the house.

4. Digging a hole for six poles. Depth of the holes should be at least two meters. Dig deeper for a more stable structure.

Part Two: Building a Carport Core Structure

1. Set of six poles, nine meter carport on one side and 11 meters on the other side. This will provide sufficient sloping roof to clean any amount of rain.

2. Fasten the beam to the pole. Imagine a rectangular box about 16 feet long, nine feet wide, and seven feet high.

3. Check the stability of the core structure. Hold the rectangular box in different places and try to shake it. If there is too much movement, you may have to add braces to stabilize. (Be aware that the roof will add to the stability of the structure as a whole.)

Part Three: Building a roof structure

1. Fasten rafter to the next beam. In cases, the front and rear rafter must be fastened flush with the front beam and back beam. The remaining four rafters must be set equidistant from each other along the side beam 16 feet.

2. Fasten the plywood roof element to the ceiling. Nail them in place. Remember that your carport core box is nine feet wide and the ceiling is ten feet. This means that when the roof elements are in place, you will have a six inch overhang on both sides of the harbor basket. Set the plywood sheet to produce a six -inch overhang on the front and back of the carport as well. This way you will have a six inch overhang all the way around.

3. Check the stability of the structure again. Now the roof in place, there should be less movement than before. No you do from this point in the process will ultimately improve the overall stability of the carport, so if there is excessive movement, you will have to add braces stability.

Part Four: Completion Carport

1. Cover the roof plywood seams. Do not skip this step, or most likely the roof will leak, thus negating the point carport in the first place.

2. Tighten the metal plate joints. This step is required only if you need to add a carport structure stability. Your hardware store sells a variety of metal plates that can be bolted to the various joints in the structural composition: where writing meets the beam, where the beam meets the ceiling, and elsewhere.

3. Paint timber elements that look. You can add the bathroom next to your carport. Finally carport with bathroom is finish. You’re done!

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