January 28, 2022
rugs for livingroom

How to Choose Rugs: the Considerations

There are many factors you should consider in how to choose rugs. It is important to know the aspects in your room to determine what kind of rugs you should choose. It is true that there are many types of rugs in the market nowadays. There are various shapes, colors, and even type. That is why, you should be sure to choose the proper rugs that can be matched with the entire aspects in your room. After all, in how to choose rugs interior design is all about mixing and matching everything.

rugs for livingroom

How to Choose Rugs Based on the Size of the Room

In how to choose rugs for living room, you should also consider the size of the room. If you have the tiny living room, you should make sure that you do not choose the rugs with too bright and vibrant colors. The common choice of rugs for tiny living room is the neutral or soft color. It will give the illusion of larger space. Furthermore, in how to choose rugs for tiny living room is you should choose the one with round-shape or the shape with small and tall figure. Make sure it will not take too many spaces.

rugs for livingroom

On the contrary, if you have the spacious living room, the options in how to choose rugs are more various. You can choose the rugs with 3D style. 3D rug is commonly the hexagonal or square-shape rug with various contrast of pattern. The patterns can be viewed as if they were real, while in fact it is just an illusion of the color. Or, you can see as if the rug stands high, while it lays still. This is the best choice for kid’s room too. You can choose many kinds of 3D rugs in the store.

rugs for livingroom

How to Choose Rugs Based on the Colors

Knowing that the small living room should use the neutral or soft color for the painting and basic color, then in how to choose rugs, it should be the neutral/soft color too. On the contrary, for spacious room, the color can be various. When choosing the rugs, you should match it with the basic color of the room.

rugs for livingroom

Do not carelessly choose the vibrant/bright color. You should match the rug’s color with the ceiling, wall, and tiling color in your room. Make sure they are in the same tone. Keep in mind that you can get the best if you know how to choose rugs by mixing and matching.

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