January 28, 2022
tropical room design

Tropical living room designs

Do You want to design bright living room  and have tropical-style? Sunny Natural tropical and warm which is dream by everyone who live in cold regions.

Tropical living rooms design present bright colors and bring a tropical beach atmosphere in your home.

There are several things that you can apply to the design of your living room to bring the tropical atmosphere into your living room :
1. Gives the painting on the walls with bright colors such as painting a beautiful beach. It is better to apply large painting on your living room wall, in trying to bring a bright atmosphere in your living room.

living room design
2. In the selection of living room furniture, you can choose furniture with bright  textures and colors like navy blue or green
3. Put a brightly colored carpet in your room. Bright color carpet will bring a warm tropical atmosphere

4. Set living room lighting by adding a coating to the windows with bamboo material. You can also add a thin curtain with a blend of blue or green color.

5. Put the plant in a vase on the table and in any corner room that you like. This is to give the impression of a green and fresh
6. Use neutral colors with the use of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan. Avoid the use of metal materials

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