January 28, 2022

Fengshui Basic Concepts for Living room

Home interior design, especially the living room plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere for all family members and to guests as well. In arranging the living room, it is advisable to be in tune with the concept of Feng shui’s living room. Fengshui is a science that can logically be applied to life. All the feng shui concept related to environmental and ourselves energy. In fengshui Concepts, living room is connected with career opportunities and relationships with others. This is due to the living room as the reception area which is considered as giving a chance.
The following will explain the basic concepts of Feng shui for the living room :
1. Location of the living room
Location of seats must not be visible from the entrance. In feng shui, living room should be on the ground floor and should not be on the second floor. If the condition does not allow, it is better to use room divider
2. Placement of the seat
seating placement is very important in feng shui concepts. Position may not seat back to the position of the entrance. Logically, this position makes it easy for guests to directly enter the room without difficulty. Placement is recommended by put the sofa caused sofa looks more comfortable for guests than wooden chair

fenshui concepts
3. Avoid using a dark corner
In the concept of feng shui, it should pay attention to the placement of the seat does not put on dark corner. If there is a dark corner, then use good lighting can reduce this dark corner. You can put a lamp or a glass on it. Placement of glass in the right position will be very beneficial in terms of feng shui, but the precise placement of glass facing the door will reflect negative energy that enter into the living room so it needs to be avoided
4. Table with the proper placement
Instead of just setting the position of chair, the table also has an important role in influencing the feng shui of the house. Table symbolizes prosperity, so it is necessary to ensure conditions are always clean and tidy. It is recommended to place fresh flowers on the table to bring a positive aura of living room and get rid of flowers that withered

5. Placement of room accessories
Make sure the placement of accessories on the right order. A cluttered living room will bring a negative impression to homeowners

That the basic concept of fengshui that can be applied to the living room

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