January 28, 2022
bathroom concept and improvement

Great Tips for Your Bathroom

Have a bathroom that looks beautiful and fun really is not difficult. There are some simple things you can do.For business gorgeous bathroom, you do not need to do a major renovation. Just do a few things:

Striking colors

Beautify your bathroom with a striking color instantly by delivering a punch line to lead the eye anyone who goes into it. The trick, use a colorful towel.

bathroom concept and improvement

You can choose the colors of towels unique, such as a set of towels yellow mustard or turquoise for your bathroom. If you do not find the color as you wish, you can create your own by way of coloring your white towel. The trick, use a dye staining technique that color more evenly.

Storage locker

In order for your bathroom more attractive, locker storage and care of your beauty soaps in glass containers. Choose a vintage glass containers to make your bathroom more unique and beautiful. You can also add labels to make it seem like an antique pharmacy.

Take advantage of wall

Rather than fulfilling the bathroom, you’ll want to take advantage of the bathroom wall as possible. Look for towel hangers and closet that does not meet your bathroom.

Presents plants

A display of green plants in pots inside your bathroom. Does not need too much. One or two plants is enough to make your bathroom appear more “green”.

green bathroom

Sprinkle aromatherapy

Do not just make the bathroom look pleasing. Make your bathroom also has a long lasting fragrance. Way, drops of aromatherapy oil into tissue rolls. In this way, every time you take toilet paper from the bathroom, you will inhale the fragrance.

Caring channel

Do not let the water flooded in your bathroom. Clean clogged drain immediately. Make a mixture of one cup of baking soda, one cup of salt, and a quarter cup of cream of tartar in a glass with a lid.

Next, stirring until well blended perfectly. After that, take about a quarter cup of the mixture and pour it into the channel. Then, pour two cups of boiling water also on the channel. Let stand for one hour, the water will flow thereafter.

Glass surface

Lastly, do not let the glass in your bathroom covered in dew after bath. Give the shaving cream on the glass surface. After that, wipe clean with a rag or paper towel. As a result, after a shower you will not find dew on the glass surface.

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