January 28, 2022

Bathroom Design Without Windows

Is your bathroom is located in the house? Surely, Your bathroom do not get enough lighting from the outside. Bathroom with window may also not be able to catch the sunlight.


Actually even without window, you can make your bathroom “bright”. You just need to choose the right lighting and decor a proper bathroom. Here are some “tips” for you to “anticipate” bathroom without windows.

Find the cause of dark bathroom

A bathroom with a dark impression will complicate your dress in front of the mirror. This is not only due to the absence of windows, but can also be caused by the color of your bathroom walls are dark. Use dark-colored paint will absorb light, causing a dark impression. You can redesign your bathroom color using bright colors so that more colors are reflected. You can use a neutral color and a lighter pastel gives a broad impression of the bathroom. Consider using ceramic or porcelain tiles for shower and bathtub area

Bring in natural light

If your bathroom does not allow natural light into the room and may not have a window, you can try using solar tubes in the roof of bathroom. In addition to solar tubes, you can use glass block


Creative lighting and a touch of art

Another way to give the impression of visual interest is to provide attractive lighting in your views using chandelier with positions scattered around your bathroom. In addition to considering the mounting location and type of lights used, you also have to provide a surface that can reflect light so that the visual impression of a brighter bathroom

You can also display the artwork under the lights in the your bathroom shower.With color combination, the selection of the appropriate ceramic floor and giving the visual effect will give the impression of a bright bathroom and attractive

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