January 28, 2022

Beautify Bathroom with Vanities

Bathrooms are often used in the home, so use the right furniture and accessories will add beauty and comfort of this area. Here some tips about bathroom vanities and how to make it in easy.

Furniture and bathroom accessories, bathroom particularly dry, became one important element. In addition to supporting the function and activity, accessories also will add to the appearance and beauty of it is own bathroom.


Furnishings and accessories are commonly used in dry areas such as the bathroom sink and bathroom vanities. Toilet, towel cabinets, and medicine cabinets sometimes placed in a dry area. Likewise with soap dishes, wall stickers, and mirrors.

The more Variety

Furniture and vanities of bathroom now more diverse types and shades of color, and easy to find. Sink, for example. Choose a sink that fits your needs. If it will be used by the family, choose a rather large sink and a neutral color such as white.

However, if a small bathroom and few users choose a rather small-sized sink. Usually the free standing models are preferred, because the bottom will be free and do not seem full or narrow.

The model and color of the sink should also fit the concept of the bathroom. For example, if the bathroom is natural or natural concept, the shape and color of the sink is made ​​of clay properly used.” If the concept of a modern bathroom, a sink with bold colors like red or blue and materials of all sorts and bathroom vanities can be applied.

Follow Concept

Bathroom accessories are now many kinds. As a result, colorful soap dishes, mirror, tissue holder can support the appearance of the bathroom. Well, to enhance your bathroom. Choose accessories that indeed we use a wide range of additional accessories or a function for storing toiletries. Meanwhile, the selection of shapes, colors, and materials-forming and should be adjusted to the concept of taste. The other accessory that acts as a complement to add beauty and comfort should support any activity or The Lord of the need for the move in the bathroom.

Air and Light Circulation

In general, what should be considered when creating or renovating the bathroom to dry? Make sure the area is completely dry and separated clearly or firmly with shower area .Separation can be by using the shower screen from plastic or glass. Or, maybe it separated a brick wall.

Floor level differentiation can also help confirm this separation, as well as preventing the flow of water from wet areas to dry areas. Usually, the position of the wet area deliberately denigrated for this purpose.

Make sure the area of bathroom vanities also has a pretty good air circulation, so it was not humid. Usually added exhaust fan ceiling type or wall mounted type. Function, keep the bathroom area remains dry.

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