January 28, 2022

Durable Roof Coating

Season when extreme, can heat and rain simultaneously as it is now, your house is facing an important problem leak or seepage. One way to overcome that problem is to use a roof coating leakage. Of course you want a fast freeze, strong glue, and of course weather resistant.

There are many products in the market leakage. One of them is Damdex®Multifunction, product roof coating which serves also as a hardener and adhesive. This German product is a liquid additive that claimed very strong glue, quickly hardens, and weather resistant.


Damdex contrast to other elastomeric proof coating that is not weather proof. According leak-elastomeric coatings easily destroyed. While the static-proof products such as Damdex durable weather resistant and stronger glue. Damdex can be used for leaky roofs, cracked walls and floor seeped. Can glue and hardened ceramic, concrete and others.

The German product is a liquid additive based cement (cement base) or a mastermind of pure cement. I wonder if the power exceeds other waterproofing. In the nature Damdex®Multifunction contain strong cement, glue, waterproof and resistant to weather changes. So the sun’s heat resistant, glued to concrete or stucco. So with extreme weather conditions make this type of rapid coating comes off, fused with the building, and not easily destroyed.

Try to compare this product with other leak coatings of proof are made from acrylic and elastic sheets bitumen membrane. Is based bitumen can be directly applied (ready for use), but not suitable for outdoor space because no UV resistance (not resistant to sunlight). When exposed to sunlight, the coating will be cocking (like melted). The color may not be decorative as any pigment will be lost by the black asphalt. Currently bitumen-based waterproofing increasingly is rarely used. Moderate -based elastic is suitable for outer space because it is more elastic (high elasticity), ready for use, UV resistance, can be different colors, but less powerful for part of the building is exposed to water continuously.

That is why Damdex®Multifunction more striking on the characteristics of a tropical climate compared with other leakage coatings. Moreover, the price is competitive. Even if the price of similar products cheaper, waterproofing is superior in terms of functionality, quality, and durability. It is much better quality, durability Damdex®Multifunction too much longer. That means you can save on the cost of repairs up to 100 percent on elastomeric proof coating. So do not just choose upholstery leakage.

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