January 28, 2022

8 Simple Bedroom Designs Ideas for a Really Small Rooms

Bedroom design is a matter of arrangement and configuration of the color, and especially the furniture. A small bedroom does not mean you cannot arrange or configure it to its full potential. There are lots of simple bedroom designs for small rooms that you can follow.

Arrangement of furniture is the most important element while decorating a small bedroom. These pieces can make a significant difference and will also display the impression of a very well-organized room. 

Before you begin to arrange your bedroom interior, it’s a good idea to consider some of the best ways to design a small bedroom. 

small bedroom design idea

Some tips on structuring and configuring the design of this small bedroom can give you an idea of ​​how an area with a minute in size can also have a very attractive appearance visually.

Change the Position of the Bed

The mattress should always be a focal point, especially in a room that has a small size. The best way to make it a focal point is to place it right in the middle of the most visible room wall. Usually, it is exactly on the right wall facing you, or exactly when you are in the doorway.

By following this unique simple bedroom design for small rooms, the design will give you enough space to access the bed from both sides. If you like, you can even place nightstands on both sides. 

Bright Color

The use of bright colors is proven to make a narrow room look more spacious and the way to decorate a small bedroom with bright colors is very easy.

You can use bright colors like white, yellow, pink, or light blue on the walls, floors, some furniture, even for blankets or sheets. In fact, you can even apply it throughout the room.

Coordinate Natural and Artificial Lighting

In addition to utilizing bright colors in a small room, you can also create the illusion of a wider space by using lighting. It’s important to decorate the aforementioned space by utilizing the sunlight coming in through the window.

Aside from making the room look brighter, the sunlight can also make the germs disappear and let the bedroom to avoid humidity. In the case where the bedroom does not have a window, you can use some artificial lights or plot and indirect highlight. Besides looking brighter, this indirect lighting can make you sleep more comfortably.

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

The next way to decorate a small bedroom is to use a mirror. The use of mirrors can create the illusion of an eye. The way this one trick can be applied is practically very easy because there are lots of mirrors that are marketed in various shapes and sizes that you can adjust to your needs.

The way to enhance a small bedroom using a mirror is through various forms. Mirror with a large frame will look pretty hung above the bed where it can be used as a headboard replacement. Make sure this mirror is hung properly so that it doesn’t easily fall and hurt you.

Mirrors can also be used as upholstery for wardrobe doors. For this kind of model, you should request a special custom cabinet so that the size will fit the bedroom area. Too complicated? Buy a large mirror the size of your body and place it on the wall. 

Carpet Placement

The bedroom carpet might just look like some kind of decorative detail and not have a significant function. But the reality is actually the opposite. A carpet is very helpful to make a small room look more spacious. Thus, this material is essential in getting simple bedroom designs for small rooms. 

If your bed is right in the middle of the wall, place your carpet about 2/3 at the bottom of the bed, so you always have something soft as a step. And if the position of your bed is in the corner of the room, try placing the matting next to your bed or under other furniture, such as your dressing table.

Not only does the placement is important, but the size of the carpet must also be considered. In a small room, it is important to have the right size, so it does not burden the space.

Creative Storage

Storage is a key in a small room, especially in the bedroom area where most of your important items are stored. If you do not have enough space available, like it or not you have to be creative with a place or storage space. 

For example, you can use a special storage box installed on the bottom of the bed that functions as a wardrobe or a special rack for storing items.

You can even place the ottoman back at the foot of your bed as a seat and serve as additional storage. A creative storage bed is the best solution for managing a small bedroom. 

Dressing Table + Nightstand

To get the proportional look of simple bedroom designs for small rooms, you have to be smart in choosing furniture, which is very important. And multifunctional furniture is a blessing for those who have a narrow bedding space. One way to decorate the bedroom with multifunctional furniture is to use a dressing table as a bedside table.

Put the dressing table near the bed so you can use it as a nightstand too. Thus you can easily reach your glasses, book, or light sleep without having to move from the mattress.

Floating Shelves

Decorating a small bedroom with a floating shelf is clearly more space-efficient compared to ordinary shelves. Ordinary shelves will require more space at the bottom while floating shelves can be placed at the top of the wall while the bottom area is loaded with other furniture. Some of the best spots for laying these floating shelves are on the bed or on the study table.

Floating shelves, also known as wall shelves, are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors so you can adjust them to your bedroom interior needs and style.
That’s it, hope the tricks and tips to make simple bedroom designs for small rooms can give you a more comfortable and spacious room.

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