January 28, 2022
room lighting

Do this for more dramatic room design

Proper lighting will be able to create a certain atmosphere in the room. Lighting can be designed by applying several layers of light
To create a more dramatic atmosphere of the room, you can use the following three layers of light

room lighting
1. General Lighting
General lighting is lighting that serves to illuminate the room thoroughly. Type of light used is that is spread out and has a soft color. Basically, general lighting installed in the ceiling that can be placed in the middle or along the edge of the ceiling
2. Task Lighting
Task lighting is lighting types with specific functions in the room, such as chandeliers to illuminate the dining table or mounted on the kitchen lights to illuminate the cooking activity
3. Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is decorative lighting where accent lighting will highlight the decorative objects in space. Light intensity accent lighting three to five times stronger than general lighting. Lighting sources should be hidden so it does not interfere with the eye

By applying three types of lighting in the space above will be able to create the impression of room more dramatic and exciting

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