January 28, 2022

Avoid Moisture in the house

Moisture could be the main enemy of home convenience. When the rainy season, humid air can cause allergies, respiratory problems, to lung infections.

Most people think, air pollution occurs mostly outdoors. In fact on the contrary, indoor air pollutants are also risk contaminated.
Approximately 80% of activities done in the room, which is generally minimal air circulation. This often happens in the kitchen. While at the house, air pollution come from many  sources, such as bacteria, furniture, fume burning cook, paint, and cigarette smoke. WHO survey showed that as many as 2.8 million people die caused by indoor air pollution.

The kitchen as a cooking area could potentially become damp. Cooking activity which contains humid and much oil could affect to air quality in the kitchen. The disease can be caused by indoor pollution is allergies, respiratory problems, to lung infection that can cause death.

For that, it is very important that a kitchen has openings to make good indoor air circulation so the humidity is not too high. Opening the window every morning to make the sunlight in to the room and circulate the air in the room and replace it with a new air.

One solution to cope with the damp air makes void or park in (innercourtyard). You can choose plants like sansevieira which have capability to absorb benzene

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