January 28, 2022
posiiton of skylight

Placing skylights in the right position

Besides giving a new dimension to your home, the use of skylights to be an essential aspect in the design of your home. No matter how well the design of your home, without good lighting everything will be useless.
posiiton of skylight
However, it must be remembered, the proper placement of skylights is so vital. Because different positions can give the effect of light and solar energy heaters are also different.
skylight position
Placement of skylights in the roof facing north for example. This position will provide constant lighting and “cold”. While skylights facing eastwards can provide effective lighting in the morning. Conversely, if it faces to the west, in the afternoon will be much brighter.

However, it is better to avoid skylights facing south. Except, if your home is not located in tropical countries, but in countries with four seasons.
skylight for home
Why is that? The position of the south-facing skylights will provide passive solar heating in the winter more than any other location. Meanwhile, the presence of skylights will precisely make the house warmer in the summer. To “outsmart” you can plant shade trees to¬† filter a bit of the sun light.

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