January 28, 2022
black exterior design

Black Exterior is Not Always Dark

Having a small sized house does not automatically limit your options. You can make a small house look bigger and stylish with this trick. Edgy designers and real estate developers in Los Angeles is now painting a miniature houses with black.
black exterior design
The trick is apparently not only make the house look outstanding, but also makes it look slick. Moreover, when all the construction details have the same color, the eye will only focus on the design.

With this form of modern construction, the effects of black paint will give the impression of a minimalist and “clean”. Not only minimalist homes, home-style classics like Victorian and Spanish-style house also look beautiful in black. The black color makes the house look elegant Victorian style.
black exterior design
Black house or black has been a trend since 2007 in San Francisco. Since then, the black paint that covered the entire house without any “intervention” of the other colors makes the house look attractive.
black exterior design
Victorian house is really just a small house, but the black paint makes it look magnificent. The facade of this house has a matching black and impartial. Matching the form of a garage of a lighter color. Due to the nature of color that tends to neutral, black can be coupled with almost any color. In fact, the lime green color may be a sweetener for the black paint covered.

However, if you do not dare, try re-searching for references and examples of homes that have dared to use black. Do not hesitate anymore, try black is not dark for your home!

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