January 28, 2022

Attic Insulation for Your Energy Bills Reduction

It is true that if you want to reduce your bills of energy, you may apply attic insulation in your attic. Attic is actually the best place to apply your insulation. This kind of insulation can save more energy, so the bills of energy can also be saved. More than that, the insulation in your attic will be able to make your house to be more comfortable. It will make you stand in your own house because of it’s comfortably. If a house has been insulated, it may be insulated for the second time, since the first insulation may break. It will make the house become uncomfortable. Since, the essential function of the insulation itself is to keep the house inside in warm condition if the outside is cold.


How to Insulate?

Attic insulation may be difficult thing. It should be applied properly. Actually, this kind of activity is not suggested to be done by yourself, it must be done by professional that has had much experience, so it will be more save. Some attic insulation types that are mostly applied by many people are batt insulation and loose-fill insulation. Both of them are almost the same in the quality, but the loose-fill attic insulation cost is commonly less expensive than the batt insulation.


In applying this attic insulation, first you need to seal all of the air leaks of the house. You don’t need to be afraid since the insulation will not stop the airflow. Then, you need to install blocking. It is purposed to maintain the fire-safety. The attic ceiling that is used for stains of water also needs to be checked for safety. When you have been sure that these all is installed properly, you may start you insulation.


Kind of Insulation

Some of the professionalism suggests that you should not apply the insulation which is the same with the previous insulation in your house. Some of the insulation kinds that may be your choice are fiberglass batt insulation, or loose-fill insulation. But actually, you can also combine these kinds of insulation. For example is when you have created the previous insulation by using fiberglass batt, vice versa, or blankets, you may add the loose-fill insulation on their surface. The important information for you, if you apply the fiberglass on the surface of loose fill, you have to make sure that there is no foil backing or paper. Because it may make the insulation become dangerous. Then, when you want to apply the loose-fill insulation, it will be better if this kind of attic insulation is applied by the professional, since it will need blowing machine as the equipment.

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  1. Loose fill attic insulation is definitely more cost effective for the client.

    A good write up on what you need to be looking out for when doing the job for yourself.

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