January 28, 2022

Drain Cleaning of Kitchen Drain

Drain cleaning of your kitchen drain need to be done regularly every certain time. It is purposed to make your kitchen drain clean, so the kitchen itself will be comfortable as the cooking place. As we know that drain has crucial role in the kitchen as the main way of water when the water has been used. But, much of the kitchen drain not only contains water, but it also contains food and also other debris that is also clogging the drain. It will not become problem if the garbage and the other debris is only minor garbage. But in the contrary, if the garbage is in big amount, you need to use some extra way to clean it. Well, the following explanation will give you information related to its cleaning activity.


How to Clean

When you are going to do drain cleaning in your kitchen drain, you need drain cleaning equipment and some steps that are needed. First, you may prepare some hot water that is functioned to be run to the drain. This hot water is functioned to steam the stinky garbage in the kitchen drain that is commonly cause stinky scent. Most of them are caused by the bacteria that are contained by the garbage. The hot water that is used is a kind of boil water. You may boil it by the pan and the pour it in to the drain. Then, when the boiling water is still running, you can add the baking soda in to the running water. It is purposed to kill odors, so the stinky scent will go.


But, if you fail in do this step in drain cleaning, means that the baking soda does not work at all, you can use lemon juice, drain cleaning vinegar, or bleach. Then clean the drain by using old clothes. Until this step, your drain may have been cleaned. If there is some odor that appears from your drain, your drain may have plumbing problem that is more serious such as the garbage disposal that cause stinky scent. You may go to professional to solve this problem.


How to Keep Clean

Cleaning the kitchen drain sometimes become something difficult to be done. You may also feel lazy to clean it. As the consequence, the kitchen drain will be very dirty. To prevent this thing, you can actually keep your kitchen drain to be clean. You can scrap your dishes to the trash when you are going to clean your dishes. Besides that, you can also pour some hot water to the kitchen drain regularly when you finish cleaning the dishes.  More than that, you can also do drain cleaning by adding some vinegar or baking soda to prevent odors.

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