January 28, 2022

The luxurious of my home decor

Luxury homes may have an expectation of everyone including you. But to achieve this would require quite a bit of money. Maybe you have to work all day for years to get the house.. Not everyone can have a luxurious home decor as well, not everyone can make it look luxurious home decor. Although almost everyone wants decorating her home premium and classy look. Here I will share some suggestions that you can apply in your home so seemingly far more luxurious. Like this is my home decor that you could probably make the guidelines to set your home decor:


With certain tricks you can have a home decor looks expensive, even though part or parts of home furniture that you use is not expensive. Some of these simple ideas can help you create a home decor looks expensive.


Use curtains are always unique and interesting. Curtain could be curtains that have a unique pattern and the market was not impressed. Some people are endowed with the ability to choose the items can look nicer than the price, if you are such a person then this suggestion would be easier for you to run. But if you do not understand about this you can ask your friends or references you can find a good reference curtains in home design books or online. You also do not need to buy expensive curtains. Do not choose a fabric with supermarket prices. But, buy fabric for curtains at wholesale prices, and you can design it in such a way to make it look more attractive and expensive.

The middle of the room

The middle of the room is the center of attention. So, put the most expensive furniture in the middle of the room. For example, sculpture and glass figural.

Paint is cheap but high saturated

You do not have to paint the walls of the house with high-quality paint.  That is enough to paint you use to paint your home, but with a little consideration. By combining the right color shades bright, paint the walls of your home can look more charming and luxurious.

Wall graphics

If you have the soul of art, you can use different colors of paint to create a graphic wall. This makes the walls of the house becomes more appealing and looks expensive.

Glass shelf

Glass is much cheaper than wood, but it looks very classy. Buy a cheap flat glass. Then hang it on the wall as a shelf. You can put books, vases, or other decoration on the glass shelf.


The book is very useful to fill the empty space. You can use the book to give the impression of intellect in your home. Books are usually regarded as a friend of the wise. A great collection of books on the shelves could compensate for the lack of luxury goods.

Luxuriously decorated home now could be your everyday scenery. This is my home decor, how about your home décor?

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