January 28, 2022

Ideal Kitchen Standard Size

Ideal Kitchen Standard Size

Talking the size means talking numbers. Many people are lazy to notice. In fact, in order to create an ergonomic kitchen, we inevitably have to talk size, high, low, long, and wide.

Perhaps, you often do not feel comfortable working in the kitchen working table in your home. Or, you find it difficult to reach objects that are stored in a closet or hanging cabinet . This may be because your kitchen is designed without refer to the ideal measurements.
Ideal size of a kitchen seem trivial at first glance. But, you as a user can feel the consequences. Arbitrary size can make working in the kitchen so uncomfortable. If you want more comfortable, should my wardrobe, working table and kitchen sets must be adjusted to the height, even the size of the elbow, from the people who often move in the kitchen.

Several books on the kitchen explaining about the size of a standard range of kitchen furniture, which we often neglect. The essence of the standard measures that include:

workbench Size

Try measuring working table or desk in your home kitchen. How high? ideally height of work area is same with the hips. In fact, it could be even lower if it is used for heavier jobs than seasoning mix, such as cooking. In this activity, a relatively low height table will make it easier to work the arm when stirring or turning the food in the pan or pot.


Work surface should also be noted how wide. Coverage of human hands, especially women, to the front is 85 cm, while the sideways between 42cm – 62cm.

High of cabinets

Storage cabinets are often made without taking into account the size that fits. the high storage cabinet can still be reached by hand is 2m. The height of each shelf in the closet also needs to be considered, the ideal size is around 65cm – 180cm.


Distance circulation corridor between the work area and the other one, is also noteworthy. Too narrow will make the kitchen feel cramped and uncomfortable. the optimum distance which should be applied is 94cm.

High of sink

The next area is the sink area (kitchen sink). the height of the sink should be between 70cm – 80cm from the floor. Thus, users do not have to bend over to reach the air base.

Presumably, taking into account size, high, low, long, wide and you’re better prepared to design an ergonomic kitchen

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