January 28, 2022
kitchen shelf

Simplest idea to free up your messy kitchen

Convenience activities in the kitchen does not depend on the size of the kitchen or expensive cooking utensil. Cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen is essential for comfort in cooking or dining with the whole family.
For that, from now arrangement for food storage, food ingredients and other cooking supplies neatly. If necessary, you can use some following tips on storage in the kitchen:

efficient storage

kitchen shelfFirst, make a drawer in your kitchen as efficient storage. Take advantage of airtight plastics for storing dry foods. Apart from being a place to put spices, drawers can also be utilized as a place to put plates, bowls, and cups.


Second, use measuring cups or cup of food as ornament. If necessary, make a list size as decoration in your kitchen.


In addition to utilizing airtight plastic, you can also take advantage of the jar “mason”. unique shape Jar  also can be “display” by “hanging” on the bottom of the wardrobe. Glue the lid jars on your kitchen base cabinets. If you need the contents of  jar, you just need to rotate the jar.

hanger ornament

Hanging cups cover. In addition to decorating the kitchen, hanging cups can also be easier for you to cook.

Make shelf by yourself
Finally, hang your cooking utensils! Create your own rack to put pot and use the bottom for hanging cooking utensils.

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