January 28, 2022
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Healthy Home Tips and Trick

Healthy homes are dream by everyone. The house is a place for all family members spend time together.

To have a healthy home, it is  a good idea to consider some of these valuable tips :
1. Air circulation and good lighting
Air circulation can be made using the vent, it is by using the windows on both sides so that air exchange can be good. It is a good idea if ventilation position opposite to each other so that more air flow into the room. At least one vent in the room to create air circulation in it
For lighting should be source in the natural lighting which can reduces costs. With natural lighting it will reduce the use of lights during the day. In determining the direction of solar lighting, keep in mind the design window. Direct sunlight into the room can be reduced by using curtains or mounting canopy. The sunlight will makes the room more healthy and dry

healthy house
2. Cleanliness of cutlery
Immediately washes the dishes and kitchen utensils. Stacks of dirty dishes and cookware will make the room bad smells
3. Cleanliness of the litter

Disposes of litter immediately in the right place.This prevents bacteria from breeding and avoiding flies and ants. Separate dry and wet waste in special containers to prevent further contamination
4. Replacement of bed linen
Change your bed linen regularly at least once a week. Choose a material that absorbs sweat
5. Cleaning the bathroom regularly  
Regularly clean the bathroom at least once a week, give the exhaust fan if possible so that there is air flow and prevent too humid to the bathroom

green house
6. Cleaning the room regularly
Cleaning the floor and other on a regular basis using a vacuum cleaner to clean up  the dust in all rooms. Also put the accessories in the appropriate place
7. Greening the home
Plant trees and ornamental plants in front of the house. This is beside beautify the house also serves to reduce CO2 emissions around the home so that we feel fresh
Keeping the house clean and condition of health will affect the quality of life

greeny home

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