January 28, 2022
floating home design

Disaster Resistant Home Solutions by Using Floating Home Design

Casa Atrevida is a home built between the sea and the river on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Luz de Piedra Arquitectos, an architecture firm, built this house using wood Guadua construction using technique that resistant to earthquakes and floods.
floating home design
The house is located in an area of ​​240 square meters is “floating” around 3 feet or 91.44 cm of the surface. The height of home makes the inhabitants of the house to survive from overflowing rivers or persistent rain.

The house is located in the Playa Preciosa. This beautiful home built by skilled workers using local materials. They use material Guadua, teak wood, concrete, strainers, cement, lamina luster, and natural stone.
floating home design
the house consists of two structural volume. Each has two floors and an open corridor at the base level.

This open space makes “inventory” fresh air which is always kept in the house. In addition, thin sliding doors that are in the first floor kitchen also make the air flow freely. Air circulation creates a fresh breeze in the afternoon.

Home interior furnishings also tend to be simple, both in design and material. Design of simple lines, local wood, and a bit of colorful pillows on the details and add to the splendor of this house painting.
floating home design
For color, green being the main choice of decoration. One of the reasons behind the selection of this color is the desire to be one with nature. A little touch of blue on white floor is also making wood Guadua increasingly prominent color in this house.

Based on studies conducted in the local houses, colors that are often used by local residents in decorating the house is calypso, papaya, and lime green. Not only beautiful, this home also features a modern and environmentally friendly.

Indeed photovoltaic panels generate energy, and solar powered water heaters provide hot water and energy for cooking and providing hot meals. Another thing that is even more special, the house is equipped with 30 species of plants on the balcony of the first floor, and has a waste water filtration system.

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